63 Space Saving Bedroom Storage Ideas and Design

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to store something in my bedroom, but I just couldn’t find the space for it. It’s tough when you have limited space, but as I was looking through all of these bedroom storage ideas, I quickly realized that no matter how small or large your room is, you can add creative bedroom storage just about anywhere. Check out these 63 clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, large, attic, basement, loft, and much more.

#1. Simple Bedroom Bench

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This very simple upholstered bedroom storage bench seat is perfect for both small and large rooms alike. This is the ideal cheap solution if you need a space for those extra pillows that you don’t use, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything else you need to store. These benches are generally placed at the end of the bed, but they can be placed just about anywhere in the room that your heart desires.

#2. Built-In Shelves

This is one of those very creative bedroom storage shelves ideas that I absolutely love. This is perfect for those smaller rooms that has limited space for regular shelves. With this design, it’s easier to place your valuables inside of the wall and not have to worry about them falling off or the shelves falling off the wall and breaking what’s on them.

#3. All-In-One Closet System

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This all-in-one closet storage system is a great solution for those who don’t have a closet in their bedroom. It features a hanging rack for clothing that needs to be hung, shelving units for hats, shoes, and anything else that you want to put on them, and drawers for all of your other clothing and accessories. This may work in a smaller bedroom, but would probably be better in a medium-larger sized room.

#4. Under The Bed Storage

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The under-the-bed storage is a very simple solution to your storage issues, especially if you are very limited on space. All you have to do is place your belongings in this clear bag with a 3 sided zipper and slide it under your bed. This is ideal for storing seasonal clothing that’s not being used or extra blankets.

#5. Knee-Wall Storage

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If you have an awkward corner in your room that you aren’t sure what to do with, check out this bedroom wall storage idea. Knee-wall storage is a built in dresser inside of a wall. It saves space and you don’t have to worry about a bulky dresser taking up room in a small area. This is actually a very good idea for a child’s bedroom. They won’t be tempted to climb on the dresser or try to tip it over.

#6. Under The Bed Shelving

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Under the bed shelving is a very cute and creative bedroom storage idea. This is also one of those diy small bedroom storage ideas that saves a ton of wall space for paintings and other wall hangings that you may want to put on your wall. Having storage under your bed rather than on the walls is also perfect for if you have cats or other animals that may knock items off of higher shelves.

#7. Bookshelf Wall

If you have a lot of books or need a lot of storage for personal items or nick nacks, this complete wall bookshelf storage unit has plenty of space for your needs. Check out how it kind of wraps around the top and sides of the bed. On each side is also an opening closet for storing clothes, saving space if you don’t have a closet to begin with.

#8. Dresser Dividers

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Dresser dividers are a very simple way to keep your clothing sorted neatly without mixing them up whenever you open the drawer and pull one item out. It’s ideal for space saving, you won’t mix up your socks with your stockings, and you will always know where everything is in a matter of seconds.

#9. Assorted Wooden Boxes

Check out all of these empty wooden boxes and how they are arranged. This is a rather cool storage idea for any bedroom. These boxes can be arranged in any way you want to accommodate the size or shape of your room. They are just large enough to hold pictures, small blankets, pillows, nick nacks, plants, and whatever else you think you can fit.

#10. Hanging Organizers

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For those with limited closet space or no shelving, these closet organizers are the ideal space saving item. They feature multiple holders for belts, bras, scarves, and anything else you may need to hand up in your closet. No more sifting through boxes or dealing with messy shelves with this nifty organizer.

#11. Hanging Shelf Organizer

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If you have limited shelving space in your closet, bedroom, or your closet is very small, this hanging shelf organizer is what you need. It features 8 shelving units big enough for shoes, comforters, accessories, and any other clothing that you need to store and organize. This is a great bedroom wardrobe storage idea for those limited on space.

#12. Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are a very modern bedroom storage idea, especially when it comes to a teenagers room. They’re ideal for storing stationery, accessories, clothing, and anything else a teen would need to store. These cubes can be mixed and matched, stacked in different positions, and give character to all types of bedrooms.

#13. Cube Crates

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Cube crates are very similar to storage cubes except these ones are more meant for being hidden and not stacked as decoration. They feature handles on each side for easy carrying and easy lifting onto shelves in closets or for placing under beds. These cubes are fairly large and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

#14. Plenty Of Boxes In The Wall

This is a fantastic master bedroom storage idea for those who need a lot of shelving space. This room features many hollowed out shelving units inside of the walls. This is the perfect solution for those who may not want to put nails in their walls or who have pets that may get nosy and mischievous.

#15. Overdoor Shoe Organizer

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For the shoe lover, this is for you. This overdoor shoe organizer takes all of the frustration out of sifting through mounds of mismatched shoes at the bottom of your closet. This organizer has 12 tiers and the ability to hold 36 pairs of shoes. It simply hangs over a 25” wide 1.5” thick door for this particular model.

#16. Storage Bed

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This Dixon 1-drawer storage bed with built-in bookcase headboard is perfect for any kids room. It features 1 drawer that can be installed on either side of the bed and an open storage space at the foot of the bed for extra storage. It’s the perfect space for baskets, toys, shoes, clothing, blankets, and more. It fits a full size bed and the headboard features multiple shelves for books or displaying personal items.

#17. Mirrored Storage Cabinet

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The mirrored behind door storage unit is a simple and immediate storage solution that features a full length exterior mirror. It has a customizable interior that has the capacity of 5 medicine cabinets, giving you optimal space for all of your necessities. This unit attached right to the hinge hardware of your door for smooth opening. It’s perfect for those with limited storage space.

#18. Metal Storage Racks

Metal storage racks are a very unique bedroom storage idea. This type of storage space is great for apartments, lofts, and those looking for a modern appeal to their room. These storage spaces are quite large, so the room would have to be medium-large to fit the right way, but once they are in there, they can hold quite a bit of stuff such as comforters, clothing, books, and anything else you want to put on display.

#19. Trunks

This is a very unique idea and one that I adore. These trunks fit in so perfectly with the size of the room and the color of everything around them. They are just big enough to fit at the bottom of the bed and store extra blankets, pillows, or clothing. You could either go for multiple small ones or one large one, either way, it’ll add a touch of vintage to the room.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

#20. Simple Armoire

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This very simple armoire that would work well in a small bedroom, loft, or apartment. It features 4 doors with chrome handles for a very aesthetically pleasing appeal, laminated double-faced melamine that’s stain, heat, and scratch resistant, and it has 2 top shelves and 1 bottom shelf for plenty of storage for clothing towels, or anything else you need.

#21. Enclosed Garment Rack

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The enclosed garment rack is the ideal solution for those who need extra storage for valuable clothing. It works well as an extension to an existing closet and it will keep your clothes safe from the outside elements. This particular model features a three way zipper for easy access to your garments and it can be placed in an attic, bedroom, laundry room, or wherever your heart desires.

#22. Window Bench Storage

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Window bench seats are perfect for sitting areas, but what makes them even better is the storage cubes under them. This is the perfect area for storing children’s stuffed animals, books, blankets, and even toys. Creating this piece is actually very simple and once done, it will be a cute little reading area for your child. These are especially great for small bedrooms with limited space for toys or a bookshelf.

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#23. Around The Bed

This bedroom doesn’t seem to have limited space, but this is definitely a great idea for those small bedrooms that do. These storage units that wrap around the top of the bed offer optimal storage for books and toys. The shelves are also large enough to put storage cubes inside of them to keep personal belongings safe.

#24. Adjustable Overdoor Hanging Organizer

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The adjustable overdoor hanging organizer is similar to the others in this list, but it has multiple hanging spots for purses, belts, jewelry, scarves, and so much more. It features 21 fully adjustable hooks for purse organization, multiple tiers for maximum capacity for storage, and you can mount it over a door or a wall.

#25. Platform Storage Bed

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Platform storage beds are one type of bed that offers optimal storage for small spaces. This particular bed features 6 drawers built into the frame for storing clothing, bedding, pillows, or whatever else you need to keep out of the way. It virtually eliminates the need for a dresser, especially if you are very limited on space. These are perfect for apartments, lofts, and small bedrooms.

#26. Under Bed Storage

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This is a genius bedroom storage idea if you ask me. This type of bed is the ideal solution for very small bedrooms, especially studio apartments and lofts. These beds lift up to expose a whole storage area under the bed. You can store virtually anything you want under it and keep it hidden from sight. The bed featured hydraulic cylinders and a fabric strap for easy lifting, even with the mattress on it.

#27. Wall Bed

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Wall beds are perfect for those smaller guest rooms that are used as more than one type of room. This particular wall bed comes with 6 side drawers for storage and shelves for displaying personal items. Not only that, but the bed folds up into the wall for storage as well if you don’t want the bed in your way all of the time.

Bedroom Storage Shelf Ideas

#28. Corner Shelf

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The corner shelf is a wonderful idea, especially for those really small rooms with empty corners. These shelves fit right in the corner of any room and feature 5 levels for placing your personal items. They can hold candles, plants, picture frames, and whatever else you want to put on display. These cut out the need for bulky curio cabinets.

#29. Floating Corner Shelves

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Floating corner shelves are a super cute toddler bedroom storage idea. It creates the perfect space for stuffed animals, toys, or even those products that you don’t want your toddler to immediately reach without your assistance. They’re also a great idea for offices where you would need the added space to de clutter your desk.

#30. Minimalist Wall System

This minimalist wall system creates a very subtle organization system for those who need to take the clutter out of their office area. These wall cubes are just big enough to store paperwork, office essentials, stationery, and anything else that needs to be put up and out of the way. It’s also perfect for dorm rooms and those who share a room with a sibling or another student. It’s a great bedroom office storage idea if you ask me.

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#31. Built-In Wall Shelving

This is another one of those creative master bedroom storage ideas that gives you much more space to store your personal items without taking up more space on your walls. These shelves are recessed into the wall, so you don’t have to be concerned with bumping into them or them sticking out into the room and being in the way. It opens up a world of endless storage possibilities.

#32. Simple Floating Box Shelf

In this modern bedroom, the floating box shelf is just a small addition to the wall that adds just a little bit of storage above the bed. This rectangular box can hold any personal items you want to immediately have within your reach or put on display. It’s a very simple addition to any bedroom, big or small and it can be placed just about anywhere.

Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas

#33. Corner Closet Organization System

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If you are lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet, but you don’t have enough storage units, this closet organization system is what you may need. It features 3 drawers, shelves, and hanging rods. The cubbies can be arranged in different positions to suite your closet organization needs as well. These 8 cubby compartments and 4 slanted shelves will give you optimal storage for your clothes, shoes, ties, hats, purses, and whatever else you need.

#34. Closet Tube Storage System

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This is a very affordable closet storage system that features 1 shoe rack, 6 expandable steel tubes, and 2 tube receivers. You don’t have to drill into your wall with this unit and it’s very easy to clean. The top shelf and rod combination expands for optimal usage and storage capacity. It’s the ultimate storage solution for that cluttered closet.

#35. Closet Cubbies

I’m very impressed by this closet storage idea. This built-in closet with cubby storage unit is perfect for storing shoes, hats, and clothing that can be folded. It features multiple cubby holes, 2 opening doors on the top, and 4 sliding drawers for personal items. It’s definitely a great way to organize those items that get cluttered easily.

#36. Rod & Cubbies

If you have a small closet, this is a great way to keep your items organized. The rod is perfect for hanging those clothing items that may be delicate or you don’t want wrinkled. The cubby shelves over on the other side are great for keeping extra sheets, blankets, hats, and personal items out of the way and uncluttered. This is something that would be useful in a small apartment or loft.

#37. Wardrobe With Sliding Doors

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Whether you have a closet or not, this wardrobe is the ultimate in organization and privacy. If your closet is large enough, you can insert this unit inside of it to keep all of your personal items and clothing organized while remaining hidden by the sliding doors that are included with the unit. If you don’t have a closet, place it somewhere in your bedroom and all of your belongings still remain hidden and safe.

#38. Luxury Wardrobe

I would absolutely love to have a closet like this one! This stunning walk-in closet features multiple shelving units, pull out drawers, shoe displays, a large cubby for hanging delicate clothing, and even an island for accessories and smaller clothing items. This is the ultimate dream closet of anyone who has too much stuff to fit in their small closet.

Loft & Attic Bedroom Storage Ideas

#39. Metal Shelves

Check out how everything in this loft is pretty much made of metal. It makes the metal shelving area blend in, looking like it belongs there as one whole unit with the railings. This is the perfect place to store books, personal items, blankets, and anything else you want to put on display. This is certainly a great loft bedroom storage idea.

#40. Behind The Bed Storage

This is a super unique attic bedroom storage idea or even for a loft. Look at how the bed area is pushed out from the wall a little bit. Behind the bed is where all of their books are being stored without a shelf. In this type of room, there really isn’t much space for shelving, so they made the best of it by creating that space for their belongings.

#41. Simple Desk Cubby

This bedroom is rather small, so space for storage is going to be quite limited. Check out how they placed a simple cubby storage unit off to the side of the room. It fits beautifully, even with the angled ceiling. Those cubbies are perfect for storing items that need to remain out of the way to free up space in such a limited area of movement.

#42. Just A Couple Tables

A unique room with so much space such as this one has the potential for so much storage, but they chose the two small end tables for each side of their bed. These little tables are the perfect storage area for small personal items that would be needed at an arm’s reach while remaining in bed. Check out that loft area above the bed as well. That would be a fantastic storage place for larger items that need to remain out of the way of the bed area.

#43. Built-In Dressers

This is a spin on the earlier knee-wall storage area. This room uses the same technique, except there are more dresser units and on the other side there is a cute little side table to match the built-in dresser. A regular dresser definitely wouldn’t fit in this type of room with those slanted walls, so the knee-wall idea is a perfect fit. The side drawer is a great addition as well for storing items that need to be immediately reached in bed.

#44. Hidden By Doors

Attic or loft bedrooms like this don’t really have the potential for privacy when it comes to storing your personal items. This closet setup is actually rather secretive and still gives the room a modern and unique look. The doors are somewhat see through and give the room a touch of elegance while hiding what you want out of sight. The simple small dresser inside of the doors give you enough space for storing your clothing while remaining out of the way.

#45. Small Attic Storage

This is one of those small attic storage ideas that can be incorporated into even the largest of bedrooms. In the corner, there is a small armoire that perfectly fits in place. It is just large enough to hold a small television, clothes, and other accessories. It looks as though it can also be moved to other parts of the room if rearranging needs to be done.

#46. Alcove Storage

Alcove storage is very difficult to handle, especially if the room is rather small. This bedroom alcove storage idea is rather beautiful and easy to do if you know the right person. It looks like it’s built into the wall and all of those cubbies give you optimal storage for shoes, hats, clothing, and all other accessories that you may need. If you look off to the right bottom, it looks like those drawers pull out for easy shoe access.

Bedroom Toy Storage Ideas

#47. Rolling Toy Storage

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Rolling toy storage is the perfect solution for kids and adults alike. These rolling storage bins keep toys and even crafts safe from harm. They are easy to organize and the bins are clear for easy viewing. This means that your child won’t have to open each bin to see what is in them. The top shelf is the perfect space for stuffed animals or larger toys that can’t be put in the bins.

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#48. Toy Chest

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The 3 sprouts toy chest is an ideal organizational tool for all bedrooms. It features reinforced cardboard sides, which means the chest stays standing at all times even when it is empty. When all of the toys are placed inside, the lid can be put on to keep them out of sight. This toy storage unit is ideal for teaching children how to keep their room clean, organized, and neat.

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#49. Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

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These toy organizers are perfect for playrooms and bedrooms and make for wonderful bedroom toy storage ideas. They feature colorful bins for placing toys of all sizes while keeping them visible. Your child won’t have to struggle to see which toys are in which bin. The bins are also conveniently secured to the rack once they are done being used. It’s great for teaching children how to stay organized and keep their room neat and tidy.

#50. Storage Bin Cubby

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This storage cubby features multiple fabric bins that keep your child’s toys and accessories safe and organized. The cabinet itself is a beautiful espresso color that will match any room color and decor. The storage bins are crafted of lightweight fabric so that your child can handle them with ease. Once your child is done playing with their toys, they can be put away and out of sight for the next play time.

Bedroom Headboard Storage Ideas

#51. Built-in Headboard Storage

I love this very simple bed headboard storage idea. Check out how the shelves are built into the headboard and kind of float above the floor. There’s no clunky shelves, they aren’t in the way, and they blend beautifully with everything else in the room. It’s the perfect space for storing items that you would immediately want while laying in your bed.

#52. Massive Storage Headboard

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This bed is the ultimate in storage and has a large space built into the headboard for storage as well. This bed features multiple drawers for storage underneath, but check out that headboard. The headboard features two pullout drawers for storing smaller items that you may need while in bed and two cubbies for books and other items you would want on display. The color of this bed is also absolutely stunning.

#53. Bookcase Headboard

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This bookcase headboard is perfect for any bedroom, big or small. The headboard on this bed features multiple levels of shelves for storing books and other smaller items. It also wraps around to the side of the bed for storing other items that you would want at an arm’s reach. Not only that, but the bed also features drawers for storing clothes and blankets.

Bedroom TV Storage Ideas

#54. Sliding Barn Door

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If you’re looking for a nifty homemade storage idea for your bedroom television, this takes the cake in my opinion. I love the barn door look idea and the shelves that go with it. The doors slide to the side to reveal the television when needed, closing off the shelves next to it. Once you’re done with the television, close the sliding doors to expose the shelves and all of your personal items that are on them.

#55. Hidden Bed Frame Television

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This is one of my favorite bedroom tv storage ideas and I’m actually considering buying this bed. This leather bed frame features a hidden television compartment that when lowered, automatically turns the television off for you. There is also a compartment on the bottom of the bed for your cable box or dvd player. This virtually eliminates the need for a television stand.

#56. Sliding Wall Panel

Sliding wall panels are the ultimate in hidden televisions. In this unit, the panel slides up inside of the wall and the television is exposed. When the television is hidden, on this particular model, there is a painting over the panels. This is a nifty idea for any bedroom and any person that wants to keep their television hidden out of plain sight ot have limited room for mounting a TV.

#57. Ottoman Lift TV

If you are tight on space or can’t find a good wall to mount your television on, this ottoman lift television is the perfect solution. This saves you the hassle of trying to mount the tv to the wall, having to move it out of the way, or having to put it on top of the dresser, This unit features a pop-up television that lifts up with the top of the ottoman.

Toddler And Kid Bedroom Storage Ideas

#58. Storage Bin Shelves

Kid’s rooms can be so hard to keep organized, especially if they have a lot of personal belongings. This room features a bed with storage underneath it and the storage bins next to it. This shelving unit with the bins is perfect for displaying both personal items and keeping other items out of the way while keeping them organized. The clear bins make it easy to see what’s inside and the smaller ones are great for stationery or other smaller items.

#59. Plenty Of Shelves

In this room, rather than using a toy box or organizing bin, they chose to use shelves to display all of their child’s favorite toys. This is actually a great idea for a toddlers room or a child who doesn’t really need a toy box yet. The shelves are built into the wall, making it impossible for them to be pulled down or ruined. They remain sturdy and safe to be in your child’s room.

#60. Large Cubbies

This is a very unique bedroom layout and it works very well for siblings who still share a room. Notice how there is storage above the bed. This is perfect for storing necessities for a baby or items that you would want out of reach of small children. The other unit next to the crib is ideal for toys that can be easily accessed for uses.

#61. Large Archway Cabinets

Looking at this setup makes me rather uneasy, unless that unit is secured to the wall. This is a cool storage idea for a nursery because all of the shelves and cabinets can be easily accessed by an adult for all of the child’s necessities. It would also work well around a regular sized bed. The top units are large enough for pillows or blankets as well.

#62. Simple Bookshelf

This is a super cute bookshelf with plenty of storage for other necessities. The shelves are large enough to hold even the biggest of books while giving enough space for toys and other treasured valuables. There’s also that cute area at the bottom with drawers and the closed shelves to keep other valuables hidden.

#63. Contemporary Shelving

This room has quite a few different shelving options going on with is bedroom. First, we have the shelving unit on the wall with the colorful piping. It’s the perfect place to store books and other necessities that you need to have right away. On the other side of the room are the shelves built into the wall. This is where one would store their prized possessions that they wouldn’t want within immediate reach. It definitely opens up the possibility for other storage.


Well, there you have it! There are 63 unique storage ideas that you could put in even the smallest of bedrooms. Some of them are easy and you can buy right online, and others need to be built and have a lot of thought put into them.

No matter how big or small your room is, there is always a way to give yourself the optimal storage space you need. As always, if you enjoyed this article, feel free to comment and share with everyone you know who may like it as well!