20 Bedroom Flooring Ideas

You’ve bought the furniture, you’ve bought the bedding, your throw pillows and window treatments are in place, but you have no idea what to put on the floor. Bedroom flooring ideas may evade you while you contemplate natural wood or carpet? Rugs or linoleum? Accent runners or tile?

No fear! We have a ton of ideas for you to take a look at to see how various choices work for different size rooms and color schemes, and how to best choose options that work with your vision, rather than against it. Scroll through our flooring design choices so you can become inspired and motivated for your own bedroom space.

1. All Over Carpet

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All over carpeting solutions in a bedroom keep your toes cozy and warm on cold days, and provide a perfect solution that can be much more affordable than finishing a wood or tile option. Pick a long lasting choice that is stain free, and make sure it is installed properly to avoid wrinkles and stretch marks!

2. Cork Flooring Effect

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Cork flooring provides comfort and style, and faux options are even better than the real thing as they are more affordable. Even if you go with true cork, be sure to have a dependable finish for easy cleaning and long lasting style.

3. Area Rugs

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Area rugs can be a go to solution over any hard surface and can even be used over carpet to help bring a pop of color and a decorative touch to the space. Use under your beds and other furniture, or place out in the open as a means to keep your toes warm on cold days.

4. Parquet Flooring

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The art of placing small pieces of wood together to form decorative patterns is a great way to add a luxurious touch and incredible interest to your bedroom area. Help pull together large open room spaces with these various designs, and also showcase incredible designs.

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5. Plank Wood Floors


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Plain raw wooden plank flooring or even painted white boards with a durable finish are a great way to warm up a room and pull attention to decorative accents. This also helps keep the room from looking cluttered, especially in small spaces, and works well with any and all color schemes.

6. Luxurious Rugs

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The addition of unique, luxurious rugs that highlight faux animal patterns, prints, and textures are a fun way to bring to life your decorating style. Don’t worry about being forced to choose something loud or busy, you can easily pick from texture alone to add a degree of comfort you won’t be sorry you took advantage of.

7. A Touch of the Orient

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Silk woven and patterned rugs have long been considered a staple of luxury and comfort. These options come in a huge array of style and are an investment that are made to last for a lifetime, and be handed down through generations. If you are on a budget, there are many faux options available as well, just know they won’t last as long.

8. Reclaimed Barn Wood

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Reclaimed barnwood is a popular choice for flooring and wall coverings and provides a great way to upcycle a quality product. Barnwood is known for its strength and beauty, and with a bit of sanding and a good stain and finish, it can finish its life out as a perfect addition to any decor – both modern and more rustic. 

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9. Bright Tile

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Don’t negate tile as a flooring option for a bedroom, especially in smaller spaces. It goes wonderfully with other types of floor coverings, such as rugs, and can be a beautiful way to tie in color and patterns without creating something that feels overwhelming.

10. Patterned Contrasts

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Sticking to two contrasting colors to provide a neutral pallet to work with is a great idea for more contemporary interior design. Use big tiles, or contrasting wood stains to create awesome patterns and help create depth in your sleeping space!


11. Abstract Vinyl Tile

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Vinyl has come far since it was first introduced, and now ties in an incredible array of textures, colors, and shapes to create abstract designs to fit into any decor. There is no reason why you cannot take advantage of this awesome selection for a bedroom floor option, and to highlight your decorative style.

12. Platform Flooring

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Platform flooring to tie in with bed frame options, carpeting and even decorative rugs are a great way to bring interest and unique style to a bedroom. For example, this floating bed frame with lighting combined with a faux fur carpet is truly a one-of-a-kind option to take advantage of.

 Photo credit: OM Architecture

13. Porcelain Tile

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Porcelain tile is not only durable and tough, it can take on an amazing array of textures and designs. Wood like porcelain tile is especially popular as it creates awesome decorative appeal that can work anywhere in a household. 

14. Low Profile Carpeting

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Carpeting is a popular choice, but the thick, longer fibers are not always wanted for a bedroom or may not be the style you prefer. Look for short fibered carpets that provide a comfortable, and insulated walking surface, but also one that is easy to vacuum and clean. Plus, the designs that can print upon this low profile option are ideal for decorative purposes.

15. Marbled Tile

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Tile truly is a versatile choice that can mimic a huge array of different textures and patterns, including natural stone. This marbleized porcelain tile highlights a beautiful choice that can work for a partial or full floor covering that can be repeated through a house to carry forward theme and color schemes.

16. Wooden Patterns

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If you can afford it, parquet is incredibly popular and offers a truly beautiful way to cover your bedroom floor. Sizes, patterns, and even wood stain hues and colors can be used to make your vision come alive and create a unique surface to walk upon.

17. Patterned Tile

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If tile flooring is outside your budget, but plain tile is, you can easily DIY a stencil design to take advantage of and create your preferred design. Tiles of all sorts, porcelain, stone, and even vinyl can be used for a project such as this, and all you need is the proper pain and finish to keep it in place.

18. Fitted Wood Flooring

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A well finished, wood flooring is always a classic design that works well in both modern and rustic decorative styles. It also is often a budget friendly option for those who may already have unfinished flooring under an existing rug. Laying flooring with reclaimed wood is also a more affordable option.

19. Touches of Elegance

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Low carpeting or even flooring mats are ideal for use with decorative area rugs. This is often a good choice to influence a children’s bedroom flooring idea as rugs help protect the floor beneath, but also are easy to take up to clean and air out.

20. Southwestern Inspired

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Inspired by the tiles of the Southwest, these clay looking tile and decorative designs are awesome for a bedroom, especially one that opens into an outdoor courtyard or privacy space. Use with colorful rugs to add warmth and comfort in the chilly months. 

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Now you have no excuses for finding the perfect flooring choice for your bedroom space. These ideas are all excellent and provide you the vision to help complete your interior decorative ideal. Choose from plush carpeting and colorful rugs, or detailed tile or rich, wooden tones. No matter what you choose, chances are it will be amazing.