38 Amazing Bedding Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Decorating your bedroom is something that should bring sparks of joy but, for some people, choosing bedding items is a nightmare because of all the available options. We’ve put together a list of bedding ideas that we hope will inspire you in choosing the most suitable products to help you get the bedroom feel you crave.

Unique Bedding Ideas

1. Adorable Purple Bedroom for Girls

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If you have a daughter that vocalizes her love for purple things, she is bound to love this particular setup. The soft bed cover matches the hue of the room, while the purple heart-shaped throw pillow is definitely something she’d love to see on her bed. Also, can we talk about that delicate purple canopy?

Photo credit: Tuba Yavuzer

2. Luxury Bedding Idea

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If you’re short on bedding ideas but also on bedroom decorations overall, you have to check out this one right here. With dusty pink bedding, golden throws that spark up accents in the white and pink bedroom setup, what’s there not to love about this entire thing?

3. Bohemian Bedding

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Pulling off the Bohemian bedroom look is both simple and complicated at the same time, but the elements right here are just stunning: from the mandala-carved headboards to the floral bedding sheets and the woven throw blanket. Every little detail is carefully thought of and inspires us to go Bohemian as well.

4. Coordinating Bedroom Patterns and Prints

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Coordinating prints and patterns across the bedroom isn’t as complicated as it sounds, as long as you pick a favorite and start from there. The bedding ideas here are focused on mixing different colors and patterns. Pillow cases are where you can spark your true creativity.  

Photo credit: Marco Ricca

5. Gamers Gathering

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If your spouse is not a gamer, you probably won’t convince them about the awesomeness of this bedding set, but maybe the gorgeous contrast between the black background and the multicolored splashes will do the job for you.  Now all that’s left to figure out is if console gamers are gamers in the true sense of the word *giggles*.

6. Abstract Faces Bedding Pattern

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With an abstract painting of faces that celebrates individual uniqueness and diversity, this bedding set is ideal for infusing your bedroom with personality. Also, the muted colors are just really pleasant to look at, and the apricot shade makes it easy to match this set with different types of bedroom setups. 

7. Karl Lagerfeld’s Bedding Collection

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As far as classy bedding ideas go, you know this one is going to be off the charts because it’s a Karl Lagerfeld. Inky tones produce an opulent atmosphere that is entirely dependent on the fabric’s texture, while an ombré throw weaves its way through the grey palette. Simply stunning!

8. Delicate Purple Bedding Hues

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If you love the purple/gold combination, then you’re going to fall in love with this bedroom. The different purple shades chosen for the bed are like a gorgeous expansion of the stunning purple accent wall that creates a sense of luxury throughout the whole bedroom.

9. Fur Bedding

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Whether it’s natural or faux fur, this particular bedding idea inspired a lot of emotions: from the delicate feel of the sheets brushing against your skin to the power one feels for being the most evolved animal on earth. It’s really something to look at!

Photo credit: Victoria Saragasso

Masculine Bedding Ideas

10. Neutral Tones with Personality

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This bedroom demonstrates that even if your space is predominantly neutral, you can inject personality into it through the use of textures, unusual color combinations, and sculptural forms. The bedding sheets seem perfect for a lazy Sunday morning when you can afford to sleep in.

11. Black Bedding Ideas

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For the longest time, black has been the tone associated with masculinity, so it seems only natural to include such a suggestion when discussing manly bedding ideas. Even with all the ruggedness in this image, the tasseled throw blanket seems to add that perfect touch of delicacy.

12. Royal Masculine Bedding

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With this sumptuous bedding set, you can easily get carried away to a 19th-century aristocratic estate. Its handsome plaids form a fitted backdrop worthy of Savile Row’s bespoke suit manufacturers, while its vibrant floral textiles are reminiscent of magnificent medallion-pattern rugs.

13. Dark Masculine Bedroom

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For a truly masculine bedroom, select hues toward the dark end of the spectrum. However, you might also want to incorporate some mid-toned hues to keep the scheme from getting too somber. We love this combination of dark and light blue bedding, with golden pillow cases that double as accents.

14. Geometric Bedding Sheets

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This bedding inspiration seems to have all the elements you’d expect to see in a masculine bedroom: the dark element brought by black and gray, a little bit of contrast thanks to the white sheets, but also a geometric pattern, like the combination of gray and white squares found on the pillows.

15. Gray Hues for Bedding Setups

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Everything in this image is about masculinity, but I feel like there is so much good taste put into these, plenty of ladies are going to love this setup as well. The different gray tones in the bedding choice are like an addition to the gray accent wall behind the bed, making everything come together perfectly. 

Photo credit: Julia Sultanova

16. Layered Bedding Ideas

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If you want to create an attractive bedroom space, layer the room with a variety of textures in various colors of black. It’s always a good idea to play with white, black, and grey elements. See how it’s done in an image that brings forth a masculine bedroom that even the ladies will love.

Image credit: Colin Poole

Bedding Ideas for Couples

17. Pastel Pink Karl Lagerfeld Bedding

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Florals are elevated to a new level of cool with this sumptuous bedding in the palest of pastel pinks. There is nothing remotely shabby-chic about it, and the burgundy accents create an exquisite contrast. This is quite the place to end the day with your beloved by your side. 

18. Cool Bedding Tones

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The thing about a couple’s bedroom is that you can’t have the bedding too dark or too pinkish, so it needs to be something in between, something that both partners would love. Shades of blue and green are something you can’t really go wrong with.

19. Uncluttered Bedroom for Couples

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White bedding will never go out of style, especially in a couple’s bedroom where you want things to feel uncluttered and filled with light. The buffalo patterns on the throw pillows help create a visual anchor for the entire bed, so it’s pretty clear that elements have been carefully chosen. 

20. Delicate Gray Bedroom Setup

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These colors work beautifully together to create a neutral bedroom vibe. Greige motifs are ideal for decorating the bedroom, especially when you utilize a plain gray bed cover and pillow cases in a lighter shade of gray with brown accents.

21. Farmhouse Bedroom Setup

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A very popular and well-known hangout spot for gray is in sought modern farmhouse-style settings. It offers a new, updated take on rustic aesthetics, pushing designers to forego burlap in favor of clean-cut matte gray elements for a more contemporary look. Gray stripes on the blanket and linen bed skirt lend a gentler, more gentle tone to this farm-style grey bedroom. 

Ivory Bedding Ideas

22. Contemporary Bedroom

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Another bedding setup we fell in love with probably has something to do with some of the other items around the web that complete the setup. We love the reflection of the throw blanket in the golden chest, just as we love that gray accent wall that pairs with the light color of the bedding.

23. Royal Comforter Bedding Setup

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Who says you need to be in a castle to feel like royalty? This bedding set clearly proves that’s not the case. With a design that screams opulence from all its pores, this bedding set is the ideal purchase for people looking for neutral bedding tones but don’t want the bedding to appear too dull either.

24. Classy Two-Toned Bed

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You can’t really go wrong with colors like these, even when you choose two tones. The muted cream and beige tones work really well with the accent walls, the hanging lights, and the gray furniture. Everything comes together perfectly.

25. Ivory Flower Bedding

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If you love ivory bedding items, you are bound to fall in love with this fluffy comforter set. The 3D flowers are just a pleasure to look at, making these sheets feel more expensive than they actually are. It’s pretty much on-point bedding set for those who love to feel like queens.

Vintage Bedding Ideas

26. Rustic Canopy Bed

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The thing about canopy beds is that they can fit into a variety of different decors, from French cottage to vintage. That’s one of the things that make this vintage bedding setup look dreamy. The nature-inspired prints on the duvet cover also help create these stunning visuals.

27. Tropical Cottage Bedroom

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If you love a vintage bedroom setup but also want to keep some of that vividness given by somewhat brighter colors, you might actually love this suggestion right here. Aside from the floral bed skirt and headboard, there’s that tropical print throw pillow with matching colors that we can’t help but notice (and love). 

28. Delicate Floral Rustic Bedroom

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We fell in love with this bedroom setup instantly, and, honestly, we couldn’t even tell you what looks better. It could be the checkered duvet and matching pillows, the delicate white bedding sheets, or the floral wallpaper that makes up the accent wall at the head of the bed.

29. DIY Flea Market Bedroom

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Would you believe it if we told you this setup is made with stuff found at a flea market? It has garden benches that serve as the base of the bed, while the color choice for the bedding is not imposing but feels extremely pleasant to the eye. 

30. Floral Canopy Bed

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When you are a lover of bedding items with floral patterns, then you have to check out this particular bedding suggestion. The floral canopy is definitely not easy to pull off in any setting, as the details of the bed also help a lot, but this is a setup that makes you dream of rustic vacations on warm summer days. 

31. Rustic Bedroom Setup

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If you were to spend the night alone at bed and breakfast somewhere away from the big city, this is probably what you’d want your bedroom to look like. The delicate floral bedding with light tones blends in so well with the predominantly brown and beige tones. 

Photo credit: simplypix

Bedding Ideas for Small Rooms

32. Dreamy Bedding

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What could feel more inviting than this light teal bedding with the most cozy-looking and inviting pattern? We know that some feel teal is a pretentious color, but think of all the different bedroom setups these could fit in.

33. Vivid Bohemian Bedding Ideas

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The thing with boho bedrooms is they allow you to get really creative and create a mixture of different colors and patterns that wouldn’t seem to fit anywhere else. As you can see here, it’s pretty easy to bring forth different colors and patterns, especially when you choose multiple throw pillows for the top of the bed. 

34. Floral Bedding Suggestion

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Floral bedding items will never really go out of style, especially since everyone loves a floral bedroom. If you have a small space to work with, then flowers can really bring a sense of livelihood into the room, and this bedding set is just one of many suggestions out there.

35. Black and White Bedding

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A room with white paint and plenty of natural light is a dream come true for small bedrooms. The light will reflect off the paint, giving the space an added sense of brightness. Additionally, plain white walls are ideal for exhibiting patterns. The explosion of patterns in the sheets and blanket completely transform this bedroom.

Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott

36. Cozy Winter Vibes

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In small bedrooms, you always want to go with light-colored bedding if you want to create the illusion of more space, as these help attract more natural light. For instance, you can opt for a flannel duvet cover that makes you dream of cold winter days when you can afford to stay in bed for longer.

37. Soothing Gray and Pink Combo

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This bedding set is the definition of stylish simplicity; it’s light and airy but will keep you warm and snug at night. And it’s not just about the colors that go so well together, but also about the fuzzy pink blanket and matching throw pillow.

38. Tassel Throw Blanket

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A splash of color goes a long way in an all-white room, as demonstrated in this Australian bedroom, where a brilliant blue throw (finished with hot pink tassels) and a few vivid pillows transform an otherwise unremarkable area into an eye-catching scene.


The internet is filled with amazing bedding ideas, so it’s mostly a matter of having the patience to look for them and make up your own inspiration board. This way, you can visualize different bedroom setups and get a much clearer picture of what you’d like your bedding to be. Want more awesome bedroom design ideas? Check out our guide on how to choose bedroom lighting.