How to Choose? Bear VS Purple

Updated October 9, 2019

It can be overwhelming while trying to decide what is the best mattress to purchase with the tremendous amount of types available but with a bit of information, you can make a well-informed decision and spend your hard-earned money wisely.

There are so many different types and styles of mattresses available on today’s market and they range from everything but are not limited to an updated take on the traditional coil spring mattresses to memory foam mattresses, from latex mattresses to even hybrid mattresses which are mattresses that combine a few key elements from specific types.

All these beds that you can purchase online today feature not only updated technology but a design with a greater emphasis on contouring the body to its proper alignment for the spine and joints.

One of the most common types of mattresses that can be purchased today are foam beds which can be memory foam or other styles of foam that support the body during slumber. Two of the top mattresses that are selling fast through online purchases are the Bear Mattress and the Purple Mattress. These brands are both foam beds, but the Bear Mattress uses top-notch memory foam whereas the Purple Mattress uses polyurethane foam to offer high levels of support. Let’s take a look at what each one is compose of and how it can help alleviate your morning aches and muscle cramps.

Bear VS Purple Comparison

A Breakdown of the Bear Mattress

Construction of the Bear Mattress

The marketing of the Bear Mattress is geared towards individuals’ who live an extremely active lifestyle, either competitively or recreationally. This is because the Bear Mattress features graphite-gel memory foam to cradle the body and allow for a deep slumber to repair muscular injuries or joint irritations.

The mattress cover featured on the Bear bed is also designed to feature a well-known fabric in the active community – Celliant. This fabric is supposedly a godsend for improving blood circulation to aid in injury recovery, so we will have a closer look at that below.

Mattress Cover – Celliant Cover

The Bear Mattress has a slightly textured bed cover that fits snugly and securely while acting as a barrier against signs of aging or daily use. This mattress cover will become a barrier for household germs or allergens as they try to enter the mattress to set up residence in the dark recesses of the mattress.

The Bear Mattress, however, deviates from the typical cotton or wool fabric covers and instead uses a revolutionary material called Celliant. This material can be found in most athletic or active wear and is even used in some sports equipment. It is a soft and stretchy material that does not irritate skin and has numerous microscopic air flow channels that provide a cool sleeping surface.

Celliant is revolutionary because it is one of the first materials to feature a special technology that focuses on areas of low blood circulation. It uses trapped body heat from an elevated heat rate during exercise or competition and transforms this heat into an infrared light. This infrared light then targets areas of low blood circulation to increase blood cell production, which aids in the healing of overworked muscles.

First Layer – Graphite-Gel Memory Foam

The first layer of the Bear Mattress that rests directly below the Celliant Mattress cover is one and a half inches of graphite-gel memory foam. The memory foam cradles the body as its weight is distributed evenly and contours to the natural shape it presents. By distributing the natural body weight, it reduces negative pressure to areas of the body that do not respond well to it and directs it to pressure points of the body that respond positively to tension.

The gel portion of this layer acts as a cooling agent for the otherwise hot memory foam. Gel is naturally cooling and used in products such as sunburn relief, so it is no surprise that the makers of the Bear bed utilizes this cooling agent to provide relief from a heat retaining material. This is great for those who suffer from night sweats.

Third & Fourth Layer – Proprietary Foam

Underneath the layer of graphite-gel memory foam lies double layers of proprietary foam that act in tandem to provide relief to the body through support. It also pulls the drouble duty of acting as a transitional layer to the thicker dense foam below the contouring, supportive layers of the Bear Mattress.

Each layer is an inch thick but they are constructed as separate layers to support and cradle the body as weight is applied while supporting the bed to maintain its original shape.

Final Layer – Base Foam

The final and fifth layer of the Bear Mattress is a six and a half inch high layer of dense base foam that acts as a recovery layer for the mattress itself. It is considered a recovery layer as it encourages the mattress to return to its original shape each time body weight is removed.

Such a thick layer of dense support foam allows each separate layer of the mattress to return to its original shape and structure. Once this layer begins to weaken in a decade or so, it will be obvious by the gradual decline in support and increase in the sinking feeling that can come from a memory foam bed.

Firmness of a Bear Mattress

The official rating of the Bear bed in terms of firmness is a 5.5 on the scale. The scale focuses on level of comfort and support, using lower numbers to correspond with a soft mattress and the higher numbers of the scale to correspond with a firm or hard mattress.

A medium-firm rating is the most universally accepted and sought-after rating, because it offers exceptional support to those who sleep in multiple positions throughout the night or those who sleep in one position. Whether you sleep on your front, back or side; you are supported entirely and tension is relieved from the body.

Feel of a Bear Mattress

The first though that comes to mind when you feel the Bear Mattress is how soft and smooth the Celliant mattress cover truly is. As a stretchy material, it has the smooth feeling of spandex or Lyrica that feels amazing against the skin.

The lightly textured woven design of the mattress cover is appealing to the eye and can offer a small level of comfort on its own.

Unique Features – Bear Mattress

Celliant Mattress Cover

The Bear Mattress utilizes a revolutionary material called Celliant to market their mattress as a true recovery tool for athletes. This revolutionary material seeks out areas of the body that suffer from a low blood flow that is common for damaged or injured muscles.

Once these areas are found, it takes the body heat trapped in the body and transforms it into infrared light. This infrared light is then used on the areas of low blood flow and increases the blood circulation. A high blood circulation repairs tears or lesions in the muscles, providing pain relief and more rapid healing rate.

This material is also breathable with numerous microscopic air flow channels that releases the trapped body heat once it has transformed it to infrared lights, leaving the sleeping surface of the mattress cool and dry throughout the night.

A Breakdown of the Purple Mattress

Construction of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is an exclusive online retailer that produces and sells a nine and a half inch premium memory foam mattress. It takes all the positive aspects of memory foam and replaces all the negative aspects, such as the heat retention issues, and transforms or eliminates them with the use of other materials during production.

Cover – Blend of Materials

The Purple Mattress has smooth and stretchy mattress cover that securely fits over the entire mattress. This mattress cover acts as a barrier against household germs and allergens that can cause serious health issues further down the road after continuous exposure.

This cover uses a blend of materials that offer both breathability properties and moisture-wicking properties to cool the sleeping surface of the mattress throughout the night. These air flow channels and moisture-wicking will ensure that the sleeper wakes in the morning feeling cool and dry, regardless of the current season and temperature of the bedroom.

First Layer – Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Directly below the mattress cover is a two inch layer of hyper-elastic polymer that is specially designed to form the Purple brand’s patented “smart grid”. The smart grid uses a large open-grid design that takes the sleepers’ natural body weight and distributes it among the hyper-elastic polymer foam which allows for the body to be supportively contoured.

Polymer foam has a reputation for being noisy or squeaky, so Purple uses a thin non-toxic coating of powder to reduce the noise level of the mattress. It also eliminates the fear of a hot sleeping surface by using the open-grid design as it increases the breathability levels of the mattress.

Second Layer – Supportive Foam

To support the open-grid design of the smart grid, the Purple Mattress uses three and a half inches of support foam to ensure that the sleeper doesn’t sink too deep into the mattress. This support foam will support the body during slumber and allow the sleeper to fully stretch out without fear of aches or muscle cramps upon waking.

Third Layer – Dense Polyurethane Foam

The third and final layer of the Purple Mattress is a thick four inches of dense polyurethane foam that acts as the support layer for the mattress. This layer supports the entire mattress and the contouring layers below the mattress cover.

The use of a thick layer of support foam in the construction of the bed will reduce the level of motion transfer felt throughout the night. This motion can occur from when some people move around during sleep, whether that movement comes from you or your bed partner. This layer ensures that you will not feel as the mattress shifts, as it is swallowed by the polymer layers and the dense supportive layer.

Firmness of a Purple Bed

Using the small firmness rating scale as the majority of mattress retailers, the Purple Mattress scores a rating of 5.5, allowing the mattress to be described as medium-firm. This is the most universal firmness rating for a mattress because it supports the body during slumber and allows for spinal alignment. It is firm enough to stop the body from sinking too far into the mattress but soft enough to allow for a bit of give that cradles the body and removes negative pressure from areas that can become inflamed or irritated from it.

This medium-firm rating offers the same level of support and give to a sleeper on their back, front or side without prejudice.

Feel of a Purple Bed

The first initial feel of the Purple Mattress is similar to the feel of a latex mattress because of its arrangement of layers but the mattress cover that is designed with a blend of materials offers a level of smooth comfort that is appreciated. It is quilted in a funky but cute diamond design that offers a ribbed texture to the body but not in an intrusive way.

The combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer layers directly below the mattress cover are cushiony while soft but it is easy to feel the amount of contouring support once you press deeper into the mattress.

Unique Features – Purple Bed

Purple Smart Comfort Grid

The Purple Mattress uses a unique and specially designed grid in its hyper-elastic polymer layer. This specially designed grid is patented as the “smart grid” and it is truly something to marvel at. As a completely open design, it allows for the natural body weight of the sleeper to be evenly distributed among the entire mattress. This distribution of the sleepers body weight removes pressure from joints and the spine, while transferring it instead to certain pressure points along the body that respond positively to tension.

The smart grid pulls double duty by reducing motion transfer at a greater level than that of a typical memory foam bed. The Purple Bed has one of the lowest motion transfer rates, according to numerous consumer reviews and reports. People who wake up throughout the night each time they, or their partner, switch position have reported achieving a more restful sleep each night, largely in part to the unique smart grid design.

Which One To Get

Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress is a completely online company that offers a premium memory foam mattress using safe materials from reputable sources. There is never any thought of coming into contact with any harsh chemicals or destructive agents, as they are certified as using only the best foams in their mattresses.

This mattress is designed, produced, and sold from a Canadian warehouse but Bear offers free shipping to their consumers in the United States without any hidden fees. Consult with the customer service department to discover if fees do apply for customers in Alaska or Hawaii.

The Bear Mattress offers a full 100 nights of trial period, allowing time for the mattress to be broken in and for your body to adjust to the foam layers. If you are unsatisfied with your mattress after these 100 nights, you simply contact Bear customer support to arrange for a pickup and refund.

Bear also offers their clients a 10 year “limited” warranty that ensures you will be covered if the mattress has any defects or needs repair after the trial period is over.

Purple Mattress

As a competitive online company, the Purple Company is rapidly rising in the ranks of top mattress producers due to their innovative designs featuring the patented smart grid. This mattress is constructed using only safe materials, as deemed by the prestigious CertiPUR-US rating the Purple Mattress received.

Purple allows their customers to test their new Purple Mattress for 100 nights, risk free and ensures that if this isn’t the mattress for you; than a full refund is on its way within this time frame. 100 nights allows for an ample breaking in period and even climate changes due to the seasons switching, so you can fully test if this mattress sleeps cool or not as reported.

If you chose to keep your Purple Mattress for the foreseeable future, you are covered by their 10 year warranty that includes repair or replacement, deliveries, and more!


Regardless of the amount of information and positive feedback that a brand or particular type of mattress has to offer; the final decision is one that needs to be made by you and your partner (if applicable). Choose a mattress that will fit all of your needs, both physical and financial. With so many amazing prices that are offered through online retailers and the financing options that come with them, don’t be shy to take advantage.

If you have a history of sleep disorders or sleep-related health problems, consult with your healthcare provider before making a decision on what mattress to buy when it comes time to replace your current one.

Because really, if the average adult reportedly spends a third of their lives catching up much-needed sleep and resting, shouldn’t it be in comfort so you can wake up each morning ready to face whatever is in store for you that day?