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Our Rating: (8.6 / Out Of 10)

A couple of weeks ago, the Bear Mattress arrived at my doorstep after just five days of ordering. Since the website says it will arrive in four to seven business days after ordering, I was impressed with their timeliness. If you’re like me, you have a busy lifestyle. From work and college classes to helping kids with homework, making dinner, my daily exercise regimen, and so much more, I look forward to nothing more than relishing in the accomplishments of my long day on a mattress that offers the comfort and support I need to rejuvenate. That’s why I’m so pleased to present to you my findings after using this product as it uses an innovative technology to help enhance the overall well-being of active people like us. Note: We received this product from Bear to review for free.


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Bear Mattress Specs

OffgassingFirmness Level (Scale of 1-10)Weight Capacity per IndividualTrial PeriodWarrantyQueen Size Cost
Zero to one day
5No weight capacity100 days 10 Year Limited$850
Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam4 pounds91 inch
Quick Response Foam Layer One3 pounds101.5 inches
Quick Response Foam Layer Two3 pounds181 inch
Foam Base1.8 pounds306.5 inches
SizesMattress Weight
California King and King90 pounds
Queen70 pounds
Full60 pounds
Twin XL50 pounds
Twin50 pounds

Who Is Bear?

Bear is a family business that was started more than 25 years ago, and they strive to offer superior customer service as well as the highest-quality materials. Their team places a high focus on athletics, and this is something I appreciate as I engage in high intensity interval training four to five nights per week.

The buildup of lactic acid initiates a process known as glycolysis. Without getting too scientific, this basically means your body must generate energy anaerobically as the body requires energy production faster than oxygen can be properly delivered. The end result is the sore feeling you get after strenuous exercise.

Since I exercise often, I frequently find myself feeling aches and pains, and it’s not unusual for me to experience sprains and other minor injuries from time to time. However, with their focus on athletics, Bear has used decades of research to offer a product designed with athletes in mind. The cover utilizes Celliant technology, which we’ll discuss in full detail.

Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

The investment in a mattress is an important one, and you don’t want to end up disappointed as this is a product you likely plan to enjoy for several years. Bear understands this, and that’s why they offer their customers a money-back guarantee. They do ask that you try out the product for at least 30 days before you ultimately make this decision, however, as our bodies do take time to adapt to new surfaces. However, you can rest assured that Bear allows for you to use their product for 100 days from the date it arrives at your doorstep. This shows me they are confident in their product and aim to encourage their customers the chance to see just how their innovative technology can provide exciting benefits over time.

Bear Mattress Features

As you embark on your mattress shopping experience, there are so many things you must consider, and you don’t want to overlook a feature that could be a dealbreaker! That’s why I want to provide you a comprehensive guide that covers every component you need to be aware of before you make your final decision.

Construction and Quality of Materials

The Bear Mattress is comprised of four layers of quality material, and they vary in indentation load deflection. This is the amount of force necessary to create a 25 percent indentation on a four-inch-thick square of foam, an industry standard that represents the firmness of a foam. The higher the number, the more force required, the firmer the mattress.

The initial layer features an ILD of nine pounds, and it is composed of one inch of Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam with a four pound density. I took the liberty of cutting my firesock so I could deliver you detailed information. (Don’t do this if you purchase the mattress. It will void your warranty). This allowed me to actually touch and handle the various layers. The memory foam, as the name implies, has a slow bounce-back. When I pushed on the top layer, it took a few seconds for it to resume its original form.

I personally enjoy the feeling this produces as it increases the hug and contour you can achieve. Since this layer is only one-inch thick, it doesn’t go overboard and make it difficult to move around as you find the best sleeping position. Furthermore, the Cool Graphite-Gel addressed another problem that plagues memory foam materials in that it helps encourage proper air-flow to prevent sleeping too hot.

The next layer contains Quick Response Foam, and I felt this further helped when it comes to being able to move around with ease. As the name implies, it is very quick to bounce back when pressure is released. Not only did I feel this laying on the mattress, but I could see it for myself when I pushed on the exposed layers.

Layer two is made up of not one but two layers of Quick Response Foam. The first one is 1.5 inches and the second one inch. On each layer, you can enjoy a slightly higher indentation load deflection of ten pounds and a three pound density.

At last, we arrive at the 6.5 inch base with a 30 pound indentation load deflection and 1.8 pound density. While this provided a good foundation for my needs, I feel it’s worth noting that I only weigh 130 pounds. If you carry weight of more than 250 pounds or have a combined weight with a sleeping partner of more than 500, you may notice that the total unit of ten inches and overall indentation load deflection of approximately 23.7 pounds may cause you to sink too far into the mattress and bottom it out.

When the four layers of material are combined, they had a very good bounce-back capability even though the unit includes the use of memory foam. I slept on a memory foam mattress for many years, and I was surprised at this capability as I had grown quite accustomed to the “sinking-in” feeling that often accompanies this type of material. While it did take a few seconds for the top layer to resume original form, the response of the lower layers helped create a balance that I was not expecting.

Firmness and Comfort Levels

We are unique individuals, and that’s what makes the world an interesting place. However, this can make it difficult when you’re mattress shopping. Some people prefer softer mattresses and some firmer. However, Bear did a phenomenal job at finding a happy medium. I think the best way to describe it would be to allude to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Papa Bear’s bed was too hard, Mama’s too soft… but Baby Bear’s bed was just right.

When you consider the overall indentation load deflection, I think this analogy is very fitting. Too soft would be adequately portrayed in an ILD of 12, and too hard can be typically represented around 50. However, at 23.7 pounds, I think maybe Bear was made for Baby as it’s one that would have suited Miss Goldilocks just right!

Quality of Upper Comfort Layers

The contributing factors of comfort are found in the upper layers of the mattress, and I found that the combination of memory foam and quick response foam provided a great level of cradle and contour that allowed me to sleep on my back, stomach and side without any problem. Since side sleepers often benefit from softer firmness level, I think the memory foam serves its purpose in helping to relieve pressure points like those around your hips and shoulders. At the same time, however, I was able to switch positions without a problem as a direct result of the placement of the quick response foam. This combination so close to the surface provides the result Bear was intending.


While laying on the mattress, I found it to be sufficient in supporting my body and keeping everything aligned, and this is due to the quality of the overall construction. The high-density foam base provides the support necessary to prevent areas of sagging. As you can see in these pictures, I am well-aligned in all three sleeping positions. While the small layer of memory foam contours to my body, the majority of the composition of the combined unit is found in the firm and supportive base.

I highly recommend Bear Adjustable Base in this mattress.

Edge Support

If you’ve spent much time researching the best mattress for your needs, you very well may have heard that, generally speaking, foam mattress lack in edge support. Edge support represents the support your mattress has around the sides. When it’s lacking, you can find that it feels like you may easily fall off when you near the edges.

The Bear Mattress is no exception to this general memory foam rule. When you sit on the edge, it sinks in quite a bit as can be seen in this picture. Therefore, if you tend to spend a lot of time sitting on the edge of the mattress, a foam construction may not be the best choice as you shop.

Motion Isolation

Where the Bear lacks in edge support it makes up for in motion isolation. If you’ve ever slept with someone who moves around a lot during the night, you know just how disruptive this can become, and being awakened can prevent you from achieving the restful sleep you need for proper health and well-being.

I used a 20-pound medicine ball and held it at eye-level. When I dropped it onto the bed, it only bounced very slightly before coming to rest. I then placed the ball on one side of the bed and dropped an identical ball on the other side. There was very minimal disruption of the resting ball. You could also see clearly that the bed quickly bounced back when the ball was dropped.

It’s not uncommon for my nine-year-old daughter to come and join me during the evening. In other mattresses I’ve used, this has caused me to wake up. However, I didn’t notice anything on the Bear mattress when she made a visit the other night. Overall, I was satisfied with this product’s ability to effectively counteract motion transfer.

Heat Transfer

I knew the Bear Mattress had memory foam included in its construction, so I wasn’t sure initially how it would perform with heat transfer. This is because memory foam mattresses are known to sleep hot. Again, as a long-time memory foam user, I can attest that these products can cause you to wake up in a hot sweat.

Using my thermal camera, I captured heat transfer in action. I laid on the mattress for a period of 30 minutes.Overall, it took right about 17 minutes for the mattress to return to room temperature. When compared with some of the latex products I’ve tested, this takes a little bit longer to cool off. However, considering this mattress contains memory foam, I wasn’t surprised. In these images, you can see the test from start to finish. If this seems like it may be a little too hot for your preferences, you can still take advantage of the many benefits when you consider the purchase of a nacreous mattress pad.

Quick Word on Offgassing

With some mattresses, you may notice a strong chemical smell when you initially unbox, and this can be bothersome. However, with the Bear Mattress, this was not remotely an issue.

Celliant Cover

As promised, I’m going to give you more details on the cover which is infused with Celliant technology. Utilizing decades of dedicated research by professionals in medicine, physics, and biology and guidance by a specialized Scientific Advisory Board, this product is one that converts body heat into infrared energy. The creation of a renewable energy source enables your body to take advantage of a number of exciting benefits.

First of all, for those who spend a lot of time playing sports or at the gym like me, the boost in oxygen levels can prove to help your body recover after high levels of physical strain. Furthermore, since infrared light is a proven vasodilator, proper circulation is better encouraged, and this helps regulate your body heat even with memory foam right beneath you.

Since oxygen levels in your tissues are boosted, those with health issues can find relief, and this includes those who suffer with:

  • High blood sugar
  • Muscle tears
  • Arthritis
  • Congestive heart failure

Having used the mattress, I can attest that I did notice waking up feeling a sense of rejuvenation that I haven’t experienced with other products I’ve tested. However, if that doesn’t convince you, it’s worth noting that the results of Celliant technology have been scientifically proven in more than nine clinical trials by a number of reputable schools including:

  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Calgary
  • UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs
  • Medical Center
  • Texas A&M University
  • Loyola University Chicago


How the Celliant Cover is Produced

The active Celliant minerals found in the cover are initially ground into fine particles which are 100 times smaller than a human hair. Millions of these particles are extruded and combined to create a resin. It’s this product that you enjoy on the Bear Mattress. Due to the high density of these active minerals, the cover has a high chance of standing the test of time. Just be careful for tears if you flip your mattress to remove the cover.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

If you do decide to make a purchase, I want you to first rest assured that there is a 10 year limited warranty that covers defects such as indentations of more than one inch, cracks or splits of the foam, or issues with the zipper. However, failure to take proper care of the product can result in this warranty becoming voided. Therefore, there are some maintenance and care tips you should employ to ensure your mattress stays in good shape. These include:

  • If you have a spill, spot clean the mattress using warm water and detergent. If it’s just a water spill, the cover does come off, so you can dry it easily.
  • The mattress is designed to be one-sided, so there’s no need to flip. I flipped mine several times in order to thoroughly test it out, and I ended up slightly tearing the top of the cover on the support boards of my mattress frame, so be careful! I would strongly suggest you consider the purchase of a quality mattress protector.
  • I also noticed, having removed the cover a total of three times, that there was a small rip on the zipper. It still works, but it was a little disappointing as I wasn’t rough with it at all. This is something else to watch out for.
  • The Bear Mattress is versatile in that it is designed to lay flat on any hard surface, and this includes:
    • Adjustable bed frames
    • Bunkie boards
    • Floors
    • Box springs
    • Foundation
    • Platform
  • It could take some time for the bed to settle after first opening. Depending on the amount of time it sat in the box, this could take up to 24 hours. However, if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll be excited to get it right out of the box. Mine was fully decompressed in just minutes.


Considering the degree of quality of the materials used on this product, I was impressed with the price. My queen-sized model is $850 before promo. The other sizes price in as follows:

  • Twin- $500
  • Twin XL- $650
  • Full- $750
  • King- 950
  • California King- $950

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Bear Mattress Customer Reviews and Feedback

While I have first-hand information that can help you decide if this is the right choice for you, I don’t want you to rely on my opinion alone. I did some research to see what other customers had to say.

There were many glowing reviews on this product, and I noticed that, unsurprisingly, many of them reported engaging in regular exercise. Just some of the comments I saw that I feel are worth sharing include:

  • Neck and back pain resulting from exercise disappeared after two weeks of use
  • Mattress sleeps cool for memory foam
  • Setup is easy and delivery reliable
  • Excellent firmness level for sleeping partners who have varied preferences
  • “Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.”

One customer reported slight offgassing and suggested letting the bed air out for a day before using. Now, I didn’t share this particular experience, but, as Bear reports on their website, this can vary depending on how long the product has sat in the box.

While I have first-hand information that can help you decide if this is the right choice for you, I don’t want you to rely on my opinion alone. I did some research to see what other customers had to say.

There were many glowing reviews on this product, and I noticed that, unsurprisingly, many of them reported engaging in regular exercise. Just some of the comments I saw that I feel are worth sharing include:

  • Neck and back pain resulting from exercise disappeared after two weeks of use
  • Mattress sleeps cool for memory foam
  • Setup is easy and delivery reliable
  • Excellent firmness level for sleeping partners who have varied preferences
  • “Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.”

One customer reported slight offgassing and suggested letting the bed air out for a day before using. Now, I didn’t share this particular experience, but, as Bear reports on their website, this can vary depending on how long the product has sat in the box.

Customer Support

You can really tell that Bear is a family business as this shines through in their customer support. I had a couple of questions in regards to the components of the various foam layers. While I tried calling after business hours, I was able to send an email, and I got a quick response the next day that clearly addressed all the points I inquired about.

You can feel good in knowing that Bear has a tight-knit team consisting of athletes who are able to provide accurate feedback to help design a quality product that takes different levels of physical exertion into consideration .

Who We Recommend This Mattress

If you’re an athlete or otherwise work out frequently, I would certainly recommend this mattress. For the price, it offers unique features that cater to your lifestyle. You can certainly take advantage of the time and research that went into the Celliant-infused cover. Furthermore, if you have suffered with aches and pains due to an accident or health problems, you can also take advantage of the various benefits that Celliant technology has to offer users.

If you carry a lot of weight, I think it’s worth mentioning that this product is only ten inches, and this typically isn’t sufficient. Therefore, if you weigh more than 250 pounds, you may want to explore other options as you may find yourself bottoming out with the Bear Mattress.

The Verdict

All in all, I was satisfied with this product. For a reasonable price, you can take sleep to another level as your body is able to rejuvenate while you rest through the quality cover construction. I also enjoy the happy medium achieved in the firmness level. To explore more information for yourself, I encourage you to visit Bear’s website to see the information they have to offer to help you further educate yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. We will do everything we can to ensure you are able to make a fully-educated decision.

Bear Matress

Bear Matress

Motion Transfer


Temperature Regulation


Edge Support


Durability And Material Quality








Company Reputation





  • Little To No offgassing
  • Celiant Cover A Step Above
  • Quality Materials For The Price


  • Edge Support Is Lacking But Common In Foam Mattresses

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