Awara Mattress Unboxing

Yesterday, I received my Awara mattress shipment, and you can see here that it came in a pretty banged up box. My delivery lady, who, as you can imagine, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to over the past couple of years, told me damage like this is uncommon, but it does happen.

UPDATE: Awara has changed their shipping box to a much more sturdy version.

It’s no fault of the manufacturer. Rather, it’s just one of those things that happen during shipping. I thought this was a good opportunity to point out how well the vacuum sealing works to keep the mattress protected even when the box is pretty dinged up. In my experience, one in 64 mattresses will arrive with damage, so there’s a very low chance this will happen to you.

With that being said, the Awara mattress is made with a combination of natural, organic materials. It’s 13 inches thick and does include latex, so it might be a little difficult to maneuver. I’d suggest having someone around to help you unbox. Let’s take a look at my initial impressions of this product.

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Excellent Bounce for Anyone with Mobility Trouble

As you can see, despite the heavy damage to the box, my Awara mattress is in great condition, so, again, if the box is damaged, you should be okay as long as the plastic wrapping on the mattress isn’t penetrated.

The very first thing I picked up on is the incredible amount of bounce offered by the combination of four inches of GOLS-Certified organic Dunlop latex and the innerspring base. If you have trouble getting in and out of bed, this could prove to be a good option due to that extra bounce.

Great Durability Expectations in Comfort Layer

Of course, to make an in-depth durability prediction, we’ll need to take a very close look at various aspects of this product. Just a few factors we typically take into consideration include:

  • Density of foams 
  • Coil count
  • Presence of natural materials

In the case of Awara, there are a couple of great features that would give us the impression durability would be high. These are:

  1. Organic cotton and wool Euro top cover is known to last
  2. Inclusion of 4 inches of certified organic latex in the comfort layer

Latex is naturally one of the most durable mattress materials on the market, and, considering the entire comfort zone is comprised of this high-quality material, this is good news.

However, the coil unit makes up the remaining nine inches of the mattress. We’d typically take a look at coil count, but this information isn’t provided.


During our complete review, we’ll count the coils for ourselves to get a more complete look at durability expectations. Other things we’ll cover in detail include:

  • Edge support
  • Thorough layer lineup
  • Feel and performance
  • Motion transfer
  • Breathability