How to Choose: Avocado VS Saatva

Springs, coils, foam, air, adjustable – there is no end to the types of mattresses available on the market these days, and it can make purchasing one extremely confusing when you start looking for the right option for your needs. Long gone are the days of walking into a mattress store, simply testing out a few tops of the line options against some bargain buys, and scheduling a delivery. Purchasing a mattress to suit your needs and take care of your health requires research. One type of mattress that has sprung up recently – pun intended – is the combination mattress that utilizes some of the more traditional coil construction with newer foam and latex technology to get that happy medium people are looking for, which offers some of the bounce of a traditional mattress while also contouring to the shape of the body for better sleep position and health.

Two mattresses that have done well in creating a nice mixture of the two types of bedding are the Avocado mattress and the Saatva mattress. Comparing them side by side can really help you evaluate what works best for you, which features are most important to your sleep needs, and which hybrid coil and foam/latex mattress might be a great purchase option for you.

A Breakdown of the Avocado Mattress

Construction of the Avocado Mattress

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The Avocado mattress has a number of important features to recommend it as a great purchase option, and while it’s a thicker mattress at a little over 13 inches, it’s still easy to fit standard bed sheets to it and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.


The Avocado mattress, which is completely green for your environmental satisfaction, starts with a wool cover that serves several purposes. Aside from being pillowy-soft and enveloping in a loving sort of way, it’s attached with hand-tufted buttons that secure it and the rest of the layers of the mattress together using wool yarn rather than glues and hazardous chemicals. You can see the anchors on the other side if you flip the mattress over. Don’t expect the cover to be completely white, as this organic material includes a mix of greens as well, meaning that (while you should always opt for a mattress protector to keep your investment safe) you don’t have to worry as much about discoloration over time.

The natural wool fiber sourced from New Zealand and used to create the soft top is quite breathable, and you’ll find it’s good at distributing heat so that you don’t find yourself getting too hot while you sleep. Wool is also a moisture wicking material, and this helps keep your sleep environment cool and dry, both for comfort as well as cleanliness, negating any chance of musty smells. The wool is also a natural fire barrier for additional protection.

Dunlop Latex Layers

This is a time to remember that everything about the Avocado mattress is natural and organic. So, you should recognize there are different types of latex, and not all are considered natural. For example, Talalay latex uses chemicals and additives during its processing. However, 100% natural Dunlop latex is eco-INSTITUT certified to be completely chemical free, tapped directly from latex trees. This is what the Avocado mattress uses in the next 4 inches of its product, divided into two parts. The top two inches of latex is soft, while the next two are medium firmness. The split is a smart move, considering that the purpose of latex is to assist with contouring of the body as well as reduction of nerve and back pain. The two inches of soft latex allow enough give for your body to sink in and really find its space on the mattress without feeling like you’re too deep or in a hole. The two inches of medium firmness latex underneath offer a little extra give but more support so that you have the right shape, regardless of your sleep position. The two layers work together to also help reduce motion transfer, which can be a problem with some memory foam and coil spring mattresses. You’ll find that if you sleep with a partner, the way the latex handles your body’s weight and distributes it to ease pressure points also assists in keeping the movement from disturbing each other’s sleep.

Coil Layer

The next 8 inches of the Avocado mattress contains an innerspring unit that is comprised of recycled steel for even greater environmental friendliness. The Premium Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® unit has a reinforced perimeter and is divided into three zones for strategic comfort, further reducing motion transfer and allowing for excellent airflow and breathability. Each zoned area has a specific purpose, with softer support for the pelvic and shoulder areas with a much firmer section intended to support the lumbar region and reduce stress on the back.

The additional support in all these areas, however, helps to relieve some of the major pressure points that cause daily pain and soreness. The Avocado mattress does a great job of pinpointing the areas needing the relief and assisting in easing them, regardless of your sleep position. These are best for side and back sleepers, however.

Final Latex Layer

Beneath the coils, there is one more thin, 1-inch layer of 100% natural Dunlop latex that is much firmer than the top two layers. This literally provides a great base around which the rest of the mattress support is formed, giving you a great experience with an even side on which everything balances.

The Firmness of the Avocado Mattress

One caveat to the Avocado mattress is that you should take some time to acclimate to its firmness. Even if you like your mattress firm, you’ll want to lie on it a while to get a feel for it and how you want to position yourself. Having a firm mattress can be excellent, especially if you have a lot of back or nerve pain. That seems to be the goal of the mattress’s construction – easing these common ailments – as it is extremely firm. If you prefer a very plush mattress, the Avocado is likely not what you’re looking for. However, if you do experience a lot of morning soreness, you might want to give yourself a few nights to let your body adjust and see what you think. On a scale of 1 to 10 (soft to firm), the Avocado mattress probably ranks about a 7 – 7.5, which means it definitely isn’t for everyone. However, if you try it for several nights and don’t decide you absolutely love it, the 30-day return policy makes it risk-free.

Feel of an Avocado Mattress

One great thing about a very firm mattress is that it often comes with excellent edge support, and that’s true in the case of the Avocado mattress. You won’t feel any sinkage as your roll toward the edge, and you’ll never feel like you’re going to slide off if you’re one of those people who like to hang a limb over the edge. Also, it’s a great mattress if you happen to be a heavier individual. Some mattresses simply aren’t made to support big and tall clientele, but this is definitely sturdy enough to do that. Another great thing about the way this mattress feels is that it never seems to get too hot. The materials used and the spacing of the coils with individual wrapping – despite there being over 1,100 in a queen-sized mattress – really help regulate temperature while you sleep. The wool pillow top cover also helps keep things dry, even in those areas of the body that might be overly sensitive to heat and sweat more easily.

Unique Features – Avocado Mattress

Completely Natural and Organic

Unlike so many products you find on the market, the Avocado mattress truly maintains a green standard and low carbon footprint. All of the latex used is natural, tree tapped rather than chemically produced, and the wool is imported from New Zealand and incorporated sans harmful dyes. The steel used for the coils is recycled, further reducing the carbon footprint left behind in the manufacturing process.

3-Zone Comfort

The three specific zones created for support of hips/pelvis, back/lumbar, and shoulder regions of the body are unique to the Avocado mattress as well, helping you stay completely aligned through the night whether you prefer to sleep on your back or side. In fact, even stomach sleepers can benefit from the relief at these important pressure points, making the firm but tempered mattress a great choice for anyone suffering from muscle, joint, or nerve discomfort.

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A Breakdown of the Saatva Mattress

Construction of the Saatva Mattress

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The Saatva mattress is 13 inches of comfort based on a hybrid design that has some very different aspects when compared to the Avocado mattress. With most of its composition consisting of coil springs, you’ll see that it has a very distinct feel of its own and a certain draw for those who are looking for a firm mattress.

Cover for Mattress

While not all the parts of the Saatva mattress are completely organic, the cotton knit top cover is. It houses an extremely comfortable layer of Euro pillow top padding that looks very clean and even with the way it is attached inside the mattress. This also helps with how the mattress sleeps, since pillow tops that are only sewn to the top can shift easily and cause some discomfort throughout the night.

Lumbar Pad

What the Saatva mattress refers to as a lumbar pad is actually a very thin layer of memory foam, which aids in giving a smoother feel to the way the coils move and assists in easing your body into the mattress for a simpler, smoother contouring process. You’ll also find the addition of the memory foam helps support back health and lessens other joint pain. The memory foam used is Certi-PUR US Certified, proving it safe of indoor emissions and environmentally friendly.

Comfort Coils

The first layer of coils in the Saatva mattress is individually wrapped to work independently of each other. Remember older mattresses, where coils bounced you every which direction, and one would poke you in the back when you got the rest of your body aligned right? That’s not the case with this technology. Each coil will adjust to your sleep position for the proper support and contour, working to reduce pressure on joints and pain in nerves and muscles.

Steel Coil Base

Beneath the 4 inches of comfort coils meant to help you find the perfect sleep position is the 7 inch support base, made of additional steel coils that both support the entire structure for long-lasting performance and allow enough give to keep you from feeling like you’re on a wooden board, with some bounce to offer that doesn’t spring you around and make it difficult to find your comfort zone.

The Firmness of a Saatva Mattress

Perhaps one of the best things about the Saatva mattress is that you can choose your level of firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest, the company rates its options as plush (3), luxury firm (5-6), and firm (8). For those who sleep on their backs or sides, the plush option might feel like you’ve fallen into a hole, and you should probably opt for one of the firmer options. At the same time, stomach sleepers likely won’t enjoy the truly firm feel of the ‘8’ rated mattress. Overall, even the plush version of the Saatva mattress offers a great deal of pressure point support, and you’ll find that there is some additional sinkage here, if you like to feel a bit ‘surrounded’ or pillowed by your mattress. For those who enjoy the firmer support, the Saatva firmer mattresses achieve this without making you feel like you’re just floating on top of the mattress. You’ll want to spend some time getting used to the way it contours, however, since this has a more traditional feel than many of the latex and memory foam mattresses do today. Of course, the trial period means you can test out your Saatva mattress for quite some time, giving it a chance to really break it in, before deciding if you’re completely satisfied.

Feel of a Saatva Mattress

With the bottom layer being 7 inches of the solid spring structure, the edge support on all versions of the Saatva mattress feels great, offering you a solid, consistent feel from one edge to the other without dipping on the outside. If you sit on the side, for example, to pull on your slippers, you’ll be just as comfortable as you are rolling over to sleep toward the edge of the mattress.

The coil construction does create some bounce, which makes the mattress feel more traditional. However, with the individual wrapping of the coils and the addition of a thin layer of memory foam, you don’t have to worry about motion transfer. This is quietly controlled so that you and your sleep partner can move around and not disturb each other through the night.

While there isn’t any particular feature included to create a cooler sleep environment, you’ll find that the Saatva mattress doesn’t cause additional overheating based on containment. There are enough breathability and air flow to avoid the gathering of heat that could be detrimental to sleep, especially if you already have problems such as night sweats keeping you awake.

Unique Features – Saatva Mattress

The dual layer of coils is unique to the Saatva mattress, offering a different way to utilize the support and give of the traditional mattress. With one layer offering the strong construction necessary for a firm and reliable mattress, the upper layer of shorter, individually wrapped comfort coils keeps the bounce to a minimum and creates a fusion of support and contouring that leaves the body aligned and healthier through the night.

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Which One to Get

Avocado Mattress

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Not only does the Avocado mattress offer you what might be the most environmentally conscious bedding product on the market, complete with all organic and repurposed materials, but it also provides a great sleep environment for anyone suffering from arthritis or even general joint, muscle, or nerve pain. The hybrid construction incorporates the best of both worlds, with traditional coils that are individually wrapped and offer a slight bounce with lots of contouring capabilities and zoned firmness for pressure points and relief, as well as 100% Dunlop latex, which is all natural and geared to help ease the body into a natural shape and hold it there through the night. You have tons of air flow through the separate coils, worked right into the design, to help keep your sleep space cooler through the night. This is good to ease joint inflammation and keep you more comfortable while dispersing body heat. The Avocado mattress also has the wool top that is attached organically and assists with moisture-wicking properties as well as fire resistance. The thickness of the Avocado mattress is luxurious but not a problem with most standard sized sheets, since they will still easily wrap around the corners of a 13-inch mattress and stay in place. If you prefer a firmer mattress, need the additional lumbar support, and don’t mind a little extra on the price tag in exchange for all organic materials, you should definitely opt for the Avocado mattress.

Saatva Mattress

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A hybrid built on a foundation of coils with an additional layer of individually wrapped comfort coils, the Saatva mattress gives you options for firmness so you can somewhat customize your sleep experience. The slight bounce incorporated through innerspring design gives it a more traditional feel than most of the memory foam and latex mattresses today, though the motion transfer is tempered greatly by the thin layer of memory foam included just before the enclosed pillow top. Amazing edge support means you can sleep anywhere, in any position, on the Saatva mattress without concern of feeling like you might sink in or roll off the edge. A 15-year warranty helps protect you from concern about your mattress falling apart, as does the quality of the name brand. If you want to get a quality mattress at a price that’s hard to beat, with your choice of firmness and a more traditional coil spring feel, the Saatva mattress is a good option for you.

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Avocado vs Saatva Comparison

Avocado Saatva
  Layers Used       5 layers

  • ½” Joma® New Zealand Wool cover
  • 2” Natural Dunlop latex (soft)
  • 2” Natural Dunlop latex (medium)
  • 8” 3-zone pocketed coil system
  • 1” Natural Dunlop latex (medium firm)
      4 layers

  • 1.25” Euro pillow top cover
  • ¾” Visco lumbar pad
  • 4” layer individually wrapped comfort coils
  • 7” layer steel coil base support system
  Height 13.5 inches 13 inches
  Firmness Firm 3 Options – Plush, Medium, and Firm
  Motion Transfer Minimal Average-High breathability
  Breathability High breathability High
  Trial Period 100 Nights 120 nights
  Warranty 10 year full, 25 years limited 15 year, limited
  Pricing (Queen) $1,399.00 USD $1,199.00 USD
  Shipping Free across the US Free across the US


Now that you can see where the Avocado and Saatva mattresses differ, you can make a more informed decision regarding the type of hybrid mattress that will work best for you. It doesn’t matter what your personal needs are; you can find the right match to make your sleep environment absolutely ideal to relieve pain and assist in a peaceful night’s rest every night. To be the best judge of the type of mattress you like best, spend some time shopping around. Lie on different types of mattresses, and learn how they feel under your skin and on your joints. Consider your sleep position, and do research on the best types of beds for your needs. If you have problems with night sweats, look into the best ways to reduce overheating and the best mattresses for air flow and heat disbursement. Talk with retailers and learn about new innovations and designs on the market. But most of all, be sure to take a look at reviews of the top mattresses and side by side comparisons that can really dig deep and help you uncover the finer details. After all, how you sleep affects everything you do in life, and you want to get the best start – and finish – to your day that’s possible!

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