Avocado VS Bear: How to Choose!

There are that many mattress models, types and even styles hitting the market today; it is a wonder that anyone can even decide what type of mattress to purchase! Although buying a mattress isn’t a daily or even monthly purchase, it is a major investment with a price tag that can reach upwards of $5000.00 depending on the type or brand chosen. Luxury mattresses and even specialty models can retail for more than this cost, but luckily numerous brands are offering luxurious mattresses for department store prices.


So what types of mattresses are currently heating up the market and rising to the top of everyone’s recommendation lists? One of them is the memory foam bed– a cradling cushion of support and contouring abilities. These mattresses will form around the body, whether you are sleeping on your back or on your stomach and they are equipped with the material required to remember exactly how your body is shaped.

Memory foam beds can sleep hot, however, or they can be a touch too firm for some sleepers. So, there is another option if you wish for the contouring abilities of a memory foam mattresses but would prefer another material to receive this and that is a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress is a type of mattress that combines numerous materials during construction, allowing for the best parts of different types to become entire comforting bed!

Let’s compare one of the top common memory foams and a similarly popular common hybrid mattress – the Avocado and the Bear Mattress.

Breakdown of the Avocado Mattress

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Construction of the Avocado Mattress

As one of the leading online hybrid bed, the Avocado Mattress is a combination of latex, innerspring coils and comforting foam, topped by organic cotton. This mattress has the feel of cotton sheets, the give of an innerspring mattress, and the supportive contouring abilities of latex. Available for purchase in two different firmness levels, the Avocado Mattress will suit those who prefer a firmer mattress over a soft or vice versa.

Top Layer – Cover

The first thing that is visible on the Avocado Mattress is the organic cotton cover which features tufted cotton pockets throughout the entire span of fabric. This mattress cover is already placed on your mattress at no additional cost and using an organic cotton material unlocks the natural moisture-wicking abilities of cotton and increases the level of breathability to a level not generally found in a latex bed.

Using a mattress cover also protects your bed from stains and rips, prolonging the lifespan by months or even years. It also acts as a barrier against mites or bacteria that commonly found in the home and can cause future health-related issues.


First Layer – Dunlap Latex

Underneath the organic cotton covering is an inch-high layer of Dunlap Latex. This layer can be found whether you purchase the pillow topped mattress or the non-pillow top.

Latex is a natural material harvested from latex trees that grow in humid climates, so using layers of this in the construction of the Avocado Mattress will ensure that no harmful chemicals are in contact with your body during slumber. Latex is also a highly breathable material that allows for air flow through the mattress, removing mites and bacteria while providing a cool sleeping surface.

Second Layer – Pocketed Coil System

Underneath the comforting layer of cotton and the breathable layer of latex is eight full inches of innerspring coils. This layer is reminiscent of a traditional coil spring bed with the level of bounce and gives that is found throughout the mattress. Noise from the springs is even reduced thanks to the Avocado Mattress having each separate coil wrapped in a protective covering. While latex is breathable on its own, the coil system increases the airflow throughout the mattress, cooling it off while removing harmful mites and bacteria.


Throughout the pocket coil system layer is over a thousand springs, whether you purchase a twin-size mattress or a king, which adds to the impressive height of 11 to 13 inches. Having a layer that stands alone at eight inches allows height to be added to your mattress without the use of a bed frame or foundation. While the Avocado Mattress can be used with additional supports, it does leave that choice up to the sleeper.

The updated technology of the pocketed coil system also provides a high level of support for the sleeper and will allow body weight to be distributed evenly for proper alignment of not the spine, but other joints and pressure points located throughout the body as well.


Third Layer – Dunlap Latex

The third and final layer that is found in the confines of the Avocado Mattress is more Dunlap Latex to fully support the mattress and the sleeper(s). The final layer of a mattress is generally considered the support or recovery layer and using a material such as latex that will return to its original shape will ensure the longevity of your purchase.

It is important to note that if you purchase a non-pillowed top model, the bed will have a four-inch-thick final layer of Dunlap Latex but if you choose the pillowed-topped style, the layer is two inches thick. The shorter layer is the pillowed-top offers the same level of support and comfort the four inches of Dunlap Latex will.

The Firmness of an Avocado Mattress


Because there are two versions of the Avocado Mattress available for purchase, there are two different ratings when it comes to the firmness scale. The firmness scale is typically the same, regardless of brand, make, model etc. A rating of one on the scale translates to a soft object with only give and a rating of 10 translates to a hard-immovable object.

The soft-firm model of the Avocado Mattress rates at approximately 5.0 on the scale and this is the model that also features the pillow top made of cotton, along with other materials, for softness. This model will be suitable for sleepers of all positions, reducing motion transfer throughout the night.

The firm model of the Avocado Mattress holds a rating of approximately 6.5 to 7.0 on the scale, using a stitched system of latex and wool for comfort instead of a pillowed top. While still reducing motion transfer, this model will probably be suited more for those who sleep on their back rather than their front (stomach).

Feel of an Avocado Mattress


When feeling the Avocado Mattress, the initial impression is soft with a decent amount of cushion just below the organic cotton cover. Although the pillow-topped model will have a plusher feel, the organic cotton covering provides additional softness for both.

The organic cotton covering features tufts of material that not only provides optimal softness, it also acts as a security blanket for the bed itself. The tufts are anchored to the bottom the mattress, ensuring a snug fit that will not leave material bunched up under your back throughout the night. The cover, unfortunately, isn’t removable, so spot cleaning is the only option for this mattress.

Unique Features – Avocado Mattress

Two Height Levels

Some people prefer a higher bed without the use of bulky bed frames or platforms and the 13-inch model of the Avocado Mattress will attract them. Those of smaller stature or those who may have small children, or even pets, climbing in and out of bed with them on a daily basis may feel more secure using the 11-inch-high model. The edge support of the Avocado Mattress is sturdy enough on either model to allow for minimal sinking if you use the edge of the mattress to maneuver yourself into bed.