Are Sleep Number Beds Worth It?

The Sleep Number Company leapt into popularity in the 1980s with its introduction of the wholly customizable sleep experience. Through the years, the company has held its rating as a top bed manufacturer in the sleep industry, and continually presented new technologies in advance of other brand names.

Because of this, its products are often at a premium. They are highly sought after, are constantly changing, and are quite an investment in your own sleep comfort. Its claims surrounding features and benefits are fairly substantiated, but the questions still remain in the minds of many consumers: Are Sleep Number Beds worth the money?

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The Sleep Number Bed Vision

To help you decide if Sleep Number beds are worth it, you should always look over the many reviews that surround the company products in existence. But to help you have an idea of what these beds are, and why they are a popular – you should understand the vision behind their creation and how they work.

Sleep Number was founded in the late 1980s when the need for a true dual sleep system was in demand, and the idea of a one-size-fits all approach to sleep comfort was under attack through the introduction of many new material concepts. The founders set out to address their own problems and needs, and came up with the adjustable air chamber design that defines all of their bed models.

These beds are customizable and are available in a variety of initial designs to meet the specific needs of you, and your partner’s, body needs. Pressure relief, spinal alignment, and mobility issues are all addressed by the company’s beds and bed products.

Bed Design and Materials

The beds are offered in a variety of series that provide varying depths of foam materials to their patented air chamber designs. These chambers can be adjusted to fit your own personal ‘Sleep Number’ to provide you unique support, that can be changed with your own needs. The foams used are specialized by the company to provide contouring, temperature control, and even cooling. They are made to provide unparalleled support to your body and work in conjunction with the air chambers for a truly unique sleep experience.

– Classic Series

The Classic bed series offer smaller, thinner bed profiles and are considered a firmer foundation overall. These are available in a wide range of bed sizes and are on the lower end of overall cost due to the minimal amount of materials used in their construction.

– Performance Series

Performance series beds are mid-range bed support for active bodies. With plush support and firm underlayment, these are a very popular choice, especially since they have cooling technology and also fall in the mid-range of cost.

– Innovative Series

The Innovative line of beds are the thickest bed choices and are offered in the widest range of options. These are the more costly beds, are offered in a smaller range of bed sizes, and are considered the most luxurious.

– Children’s Beds

The company also offers children’s beds that can be controlled by parents to help with monitoring growth and adjustment. These are nice to provide the proper support to growing bodies, and with the adjustments available, can be changed to fit these changes.

Integrated SleepIQ Technology

It isn’t just the bed design and materials that make these products so unique and more costly than other beds. All of the Sleep Number beds are designed with an Integrated SleepIQ technology that provides a series of sensors to help monitor and report of your sleep habits. It also can adjust independently from your control through the night to accommodate your movements.

This unique feature tracks heart rate, respiration, and movements, and syncs with a smartphone app to provide regular reports on your sleep health. It also syncs with many other existing health and fitness apps to provide you a more holistic overview of your health habits.

This is high tech, and advanced feature not offered in such a manner by any other company. Even though many other products have similar technologies applied, this bed is truly groundbreaking in its approach to your involvement with the sensor technology. It can even sync with an optional FlexFit base (described below) to provide snore support.

FlexFit Base Options

FlexFit bases are an optional buy that can fit into most existing furniture you may have. These work with all beds, and can provide further options with split top king bed choices for even more dual sleeping support. With the ability to read into the SleepIQ app, you can get even more control over your sleep comfort. These choices have the ability to raise your head, feet, head, and feet, or even provide warming and message depending on the choice you pick.


All beds come with a 25-year warranty that is prorated to when you bought it. This covers the bed and all associated hardware. They also come with a 100-night sleep trial to ensure you are happy with your purchase and have found what adjustments make your sleep the best night possible.

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If you are still wondering if Sleep Number beds are worth the price, all you have to do is weigh the features and benefits against your own needs to decide if it is something worth making an investment in. With a 25 year warranty, these are beds that are made to last- which is about 10 to 15 year more than other quality mattresses choices. Plus, the integrated technology, and proven materials do make them a well designed, and put together product.