Are Intex Air Mattresses Any Good?

Air mattresses are a common item to have around the house, either as an extra bed for guests or as a convenient traveling bed for trips away from home. Finding a quality air mattress can prove difficult for people looking to get a bargain.

Intex provides air mattress options that don’t break the bank. Though some of their higher end options are a little pricey (but under $100), you can still find a decent Intex air mattress for a reasonable price–about $30-$50.

If you search through the product descriptions and reviews, you will find a lot of great features. Mainly, the add-in options make an otherwise boring purchase a little more interesting. A couple of the mattresses feature built-in pillows, while others have built-in air pumps or extra padding.
Several of the most popular beds are raised. Whereas most air mattresses are fairly low to the ground, these beds look almost twice as tall as a standard air mattress. The raised beds also have an extra chamber, which provides better stability and is ultimately more comfortable.

Additionally, Intex has been selling inflatable products for many years, and so they have built a solid reputation for providing decent products at a low price. Though some consumers claim you “get what you pay for”, you may end up with a product you love. While the price point and extra features may be nice, one cannot overlook the consistent complaints against Intex air mattresses.

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The Good

The Bad

  • Great bang for the buck
  • Some Great Features
  • Very Affordable
  • Poor customer support
  • Durability can be luck of the draw

The product itself is not perfect. Customers reported the cheap quality as a factor when their air mattresses bulged or split open. Dissatisfaction seemed to rise once these customers attempted to get replacements or refunds for their products and did not receive a satisfactory customer service experience.

Many customers complain about the poor customer service, which encompasses both the lack of helpful associates and the absence of a good warranty. The customer service line is not always helpful and is reportedly outsourced. Thus, customers often have a difficult time communicating with customer service representatives. The company does not offer any kind of product warranty, and so customers must call the help line in order to figure out whether or not they are eligible to return their products or get a refund.



In the end, you may find yourself with a reliable product for which you paid very little. Or you may end up with a product made with cheap materials that is easily broken. Intex air mattresses are a gamble. Some customers really like the price point and do not have problems with the product itself. Other customers who have dealt with product defects and unreliable customer service serve as a warning for future Intex customers. Like any other purchase, you can do your research online for more information on best air mattresses available in the market.