Are Adjustable Beds Good for Side Sleepers?

Finding a comfortable sleep surface can be quite a challenge for many people. The combination of their own sleep position, personal preferences, mattress type, and bed support can all affect the quality of sleep you get each night. Add in the many options provided in the sleep industry, narrowing down your choices can become a rather difficult task.

When confronted with all the different types of beds you can purchase it’s best to understand exactly what sort of products work best for your own needs. Different sleep positions require various degrees of support, and you need to consider closely what bedding you decide upon for proper spinal alignment while you sleep. If you are wondering if the side sleeping on an adjustable bed is a good decision, this article explains why this is definitely a product you may want to take advantage of.

How an Adjustable Bed Works

Adjustable beds are often a go to for people who are frustrated with finding the perfect comfort. And they do so for a good reason. Adjustable beds often have one to five (or even more) various lever actions to help raise and lower various areas of your mattress to provide support exactly where it is needed.

Most common are those who simply raise the head of the bed, but raising or lowering the foot of the bed, center, or opposing sides are all regularly found in various models. This helps people get into and out of bed easier, supports various sleep positions, helps provide spinal alignment, and works with a decent array of mattress types for your own personal preferences.

What Requirements do Side Sleepers Have?

Side sleeping is a fairly healthy way to rest each night if you take a few precautions for proper body support. When you sleep on your side, you are putting stress on your spine as it curves to follow the dips and rises of your own body. Your neck and lower back in particular can easily become strained as soft tissues tighten to hold your spine in place if your head, shoulders, and hips are not allowed to sink into a mattress surface.

A supportive, yet giving mattress surface is required to allow the heavier points of your body to sit in a proper position while you lay on your side to let your spine lay straight. A lofty pillow that provides support to your neck is also required to fill the space left between your head and shoulders.

Best Mattress Type for an Adjustable Bed

When looking for a mattress to fit your adjustable bed, you want to consider both materials used, thickness, and above all- flexibility. Although you can use many different types, there are a few that work best with regular adjustments without breaking down the support it provides.

All foam memory and latex foam are often considered the best options as they excel at relieving pressure points that may cause pain. They also distribute body weight evenly across the surface, as well as flexing to adapt to the adjustable bed frame without sacrificing the contouring effect provided to the sleeper.

Innerspring mattresses are not often suggested as the springs may create pressure points as you raise and lower areas of the bed. Hybrid choices, innerspring layered with foam, may work better and some are specifically designed for use with adjustable bases. Always check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend and to avoid voiding warranty.

Air bed mattress brands also often work well with adjustability. These inner air chambers are generally topped with a thick foam comfort layer and work to provide comfortable contouring and support.

Are Adjustable Beds Good for Side Sleepers?

Adjustable beds are a great option for side sleepers for a variety of reasons. Even though side sleeping is a healthy way to sleep, it can put undue stress on shoulders and hips along one side of the body. The ability to adjust the bed itself provides you the opportunity to elevate your upper body into a more relaxed position, take a stain off your hips and knees, and bring your spine into a more natural alignment.

Although it may take some adjustment over a few nights to find your perfect position, the benefits you may experience with a proper mattress and adjustable bed combination include:

  • Better sleep as your body relaxes more quickly and naturally without any soft tissue strain or development of pressure points.
  • Regulation of blood flow due to the elimination of pinched veins, nerves, or other obstructions.
  • Prevention of sleep apnea symptoms with the support of your neck and airways that allows for clear breathing.


If you have wondered if adjustable beds are any good for side sleepers, this is a great article to help explain why and what you may want to consider. Be sure to choose a proper mattress for both your side sleeping support and movement an adjustable bed provides, preferably a foam or air mattress option that allows for full spinal alignment. Even though it may take a few days to find your perfect adjustment for your own body type and comfort, you may find an adjustable bed helps provide the best sleep you have ever experienced.