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If you are a cautious consumer and like to make informed decisions, then you are probably going to find yourself scrolling the web for helpful information and unbiased, honest reviews. And while the information you are seeking is only a few reasonable clicks away, the question beckons of how are you going to be able to disseminate the honest reviews from the ones posted by guileful companies? If a reviewer is shying away from stating anything negative, then be forewarned that he/she could potentially be benefiting from giving a positive review. While it can be tough to tell the real McCoy review from the faux marketing dribble, it is not impossible. Here at thesleepjudge.com you’ll find reviews that are more experiential than praiseworthy. We provide honest reviews that not only spotlight the good features, but also point out the short-comings, because let’s be honest, no matter how much you love that mattress or sleep machine, you can always find something about it that needs modification. When we can, we’ll relate in a personal anecdote or two how the chosen air mattress or a feature in that sleep tracker made an overall difference in ours or others usage experiences.

Our aim for this website is to provide a one stop shop for all your sleep product needs. Mattress‘s, sleep machines, toppers, air mattresses, mattress encasements or protectors and more as the site grows.

Our Reviews

The reason we test mattresses and sleep products is simply because buying them off the internet without testing it out first can be a hassle and sometimes disappointing. We take these sleep products that are spoken highly of all over the internet and we either deem the validity of the descriptions true or false.

At the end of the day, we just want to provide you with an honest review of these products. We do not fluff our findings and we do not stretch the truth. All of our findings are based on a few simple tests and a lot of research.

Why Should We Be Trusted?

When we test these products, we get into the shoes of those who may want to buy it. One of our reviewers is a mother of 4 and she knows how much sleep products are important to other parents around the world. If she does not think a product would help with sleep quality, she won’t recommend it. You can find her bio here.

Other reviewers have the working man/woman in mind. We know how busy those who work every day of the week are and how tired they are at the end of the day. Would you want to get into an uncomfortable bed at the end of a 12-hour work day? Neither would we. Would you want to come home and use something that doesn’t work like it says it does? I know I wouldn’t, especially if it interferes with my sleep routine. This is why we do our research-so we can show people their ideal sleep product.

Even though we receive most of our products for free in exchange for a review, it does not affect our judgment. We believe that whether we purchase a product on our own to test (which we do quite often) or if we receive one at no cost to us, our perception of the tests & reviews will never change.  A huge bonus for us is that when someone is generous enough to take our review into consideration and buy the product through our link, we get a small kickback. That kickback helps us purchase even more products to test which in turn, provides you with even more honest reviews.

How Do We Choose What We Recommend?

Step 1
Usually, we research highly rated sleep products or even new sleep products on the market. We will go through user reviews, company reviews, Amazon reviews, dig into forums and any other reviews we can find and we will then decide if it is something we want to take a closer look at. If it is decided, we will then contact the company and they will send us the product to test. Or in some cases we’ll just purchase the product ourselves.
Step 2
We sleep on our mattresses for 2 weeks before passing judgement (we’re working on some long term tests as well), and similar usage time periods for other sleep products. Once we’ve done our due diligence, we will then decide if the product can be recommended or not. If we don’t think a product will be ideal for everyone, we will then recommend it to a certain demographic and then talk about why.
Step 3
We also like to take a lot of pictures of what we do! We take pictures and videos of the boxes the products are sent in to show how they look and what kind of marketing that company is doing. We take pictures of how the product looks, closeups of the logos & fabrics, and we like to come up with new tests that can be fun and helpful as well.


Step 4
We make sure to give our products some time to break in before we do our tests, such as mattresses and mattress pads. Yes, a new mattress may be nice and firm when you first take it out of the box, but will you be able to say the same thing after a few weeks? Maybe yes, but most likely not. This is why we like to break our products in before testing them, unless they do not need a break in period.


Step 5
Our studies need to be consistent so we use the same methods for all of our testings, depending on the reviewer, to get as accurate results as possible if they apply to the product.

Our Team

Frank Apodaca

Frank Apodaca

Lead Editor

[email protected]

Franks Picks

Frank has worked with a wide variety of products (from good to very, very bad) and he knows a great bed when he sees one. Now in his mid thirties, Frank resides in sunny California with his wife and dog where he enjoys his days as Senior Editor for The Sleep Judge and soaking up those sunny rays. In his free time, Frank has been known to dabble in a bit of painting, mostly focusing on abstract landscapes and capturing the beautiful scenic California which he was born and raised in.

Frank’s Sleep Profile In His Own Words

When it comes to sleep, I’m a side and back sleeper. I tend to move around a bit which drives my wife nuts. I love a nice, soft mattress, just not too soft. Support has to be there and I need to sink into the mattress without feeling like I can’t move. Currently, I’m sleeping on the medium Novosbed with the soft comfort+ kit.

Starlene Newcomb AKA Star

Starlene Newcomb AKA Star

Product Tester and Writer

Star’s Picks

Star is one of our Sleep Judge sleep health enthusiasts and mattress experts & testers. She has been in this field since 2015 using her knowledge and personal experiences to write about a variety of topics which include mattresses, crib mattresses and sleep health.

Star lives in the hilltowns of Northern New York with her husband, 4 beautiful children, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 birds, 8 chickens, and a partridge in a pear tree (no, not really the partridge). When she isn’t writing for The Sleep Judge, she can be found riding on the back of her husband’s Harley, enjoying a quiet night by a bonfire, playing games with her children, and listening to a wide range of music.

Star’s Sleep Profile In Her Own Words

As far as my sleeping habits go, I am a stomach sleeper. I cannot fall asleep unless that’s the position I am in.  I also like to sleep cool, I cannot stand to be hot, which is why I highly praise mattresses with a legitimate cooling factor.

My preferred type of mattress is something that isn’t too soft or too firm, right smack in the middle. SInce I am a stomach sleeper, you would think that I would be more comfortable on a firm mattress, but this is not the case. Mattresses that are right in the middle of the firm-soft scale and have no motion transfer are my ideal choice.

Candace Osmond

Candace Osmond

Product Tester and Writer

Candace’s Picks

Candace is one of The Sleep Judge’s experts and product testers. She’s been in the industry for almost ten years and has a vast selection of experiences to pull from when creating the quality information our visitors come to find. She’s adamant about sleep health and knows just how important it is to our well being.

Candace resides in the cold, wet, but oh so beautiful Eastern Shore of Canada where she always finds time to go camping. When Candace isn’t testing and reviewing sleep products, she can be found reading or traveling (often at the same time), playing with her two beautiful children, and relaxing by an open fire.

Candace’s Sleep Profile In Her Own Words

When it comes to sleep, I don’t mess around. I’m adamant about my 8 hours every night and strongly believe that proper sleep health affects everything else in your life. When I’m experiencing sleep deprivation my life suddenly becomes unmanageable and I’m not the person I like to be. I prefer a mattress that’s nice and firm for my back, as that’s the position I lay in. I don’t like my pillow to be too soft or too thick, either. I feel that when my body rests in a nice straight position, I wake feeling strong and healthy.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Sleep Judge Expert and Product Tester

Jessica has been working as a Sleep Judge expert and product tester since late 2016. As an avid fitness guru, she understands the importance of a good night’s rest and rates it right up there with proper diet and exercise. She appreciates the support and comfort of a quality mattress and makes it her mission to point consumers to the products that will be best suited for their needs and lifestyles.

Located smack-dab in the middle of the United States, Jessica is a long-time resident of Kansas. She lives in the southeast corner along with her three helpful kids who often provide help with product testing. When she’s not busy helping kids with homework and reviewing products, she enjoys reading and is currently working independently on a science fiction novel.

Jessica’s Sleep Profile In Her Own Words

I am just not myself unless I’ve put in at least ten hours per week at the gym, and I engage in high-intensity interval training. Therefore, sleep is crucial for me in order to allow my body to rejuvenate properly. When it comes to the right mattress for me, I prefer a firmer product. While I can usually be caught sleeping on my side, I do fluctuate throughout the night, so the various specs on mattresses such as motion transfer and ILD’s are important. I have experienced numerous products on the market, and I thoroughly enjoy passing on the knowledge I acquire to consumers so they can optimize their slumber and make the most of every crucial hour.

Interested In Having A Product Reviewed By The Sleep Judge Review Team?

If you are interested in gaining an honest review of your product, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to take your product into our homes, or even outside, and give them a try.