10 Sleep Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Choosing the right mattress may be the most important decision you make when trying to correct an ongoing sleep problem, but it is also just one of the key areas you need to take care of if you want to give yourself the best chance of nodding off and sleeping soundly through to morning. Your bed linen, what you wear, and the broader aspects of your environment are also areas to address, as well as your mental wellbeing and the very way you think about sleep.

The materials that your bed linen and pyjamas are made from make a huge difference to how you sleep, because no matter what level of support you are getting from your mattress – your skin has a life of its own. There’s really no substitute for silk or bamboo when it comes to the fabric of your bed clothes: silk is an excellent thermoregulator (keeping you warm in cold weather, and cool in the heat) while bamboo thread is breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

So what about your mind? Well, anxiety about not getting to sleep is stopping you from sleeping, which is just adding your anxiety about not getting to sleep. You may not be able to stamp out this anxiety but it is possible to program yourself to think a different way: instead of dreading being awake at night, look forward to it. Enjoy the peace and quiet and all that silk and bamboo on your skin. And rest your bones, even if your mind won’t drift off. This attitude can make you more likely to fall asleep, and if it doesn’t work – at least you’re at peace with the world.

This new infographic gathers a whole range of sleep-encouraging tips into one place. Check it out, make sure you’ve got every area covered, and you give yourself a much better chance of a good night’s sleep.

Courtesy of: Pound Place