Bear Mattress Coupon and Discount Code

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We all want to sleep comfortably, but why would you spend more money than you absolutely have to? We’d like to give you the opportunity to acquire the Bear mattress while saving $50. Simply use coupon code sleepjudge50 upon your purchase!

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Get a discount on the bear mattress

It’s always been our goal to help consumers find the optimal mattress match for their individual needs, and we’ve taken the time to review this product so you can see for yourself just what it has to offer. Having slept on it for myself, I can attest that it has proven to be a great choice for athletes and those suffering with aches and pains as it utilizes Celliant technology. This acts to effectively recycle body heat that’s otherwise wasted into beneficial infrared light. Just a few resulting benefits you don’t want to miss out on include:

  • Increased ability for oxygenation within your body
  • Increased tissue health
  • Increased ability for proper cellular regeneration
  • Increased ability to stay cool throughout the night
  • Increased ability for muscles to repair themselves after an injury or intense workout

When you shop for a mattress the traditional way, you have to pay for a middle-man to act as the liaison between you and the manufacturer. However, since this product ships free from the factory straight to your doorstep, you get to take advantage of the savings that result. That on top of the savings you can receive using this coupon code, you are on your way to taking advantage of a tremendous value for a mattress that offers great support, comfort, motion transfer, and heat transfer capabilities.

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